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March 14, 2019 | Field Hockey Canada |

2019 marks an Olympic qualification year for the Senior Canadian Field Hockey National Teams. The Men’s and Women’s teams will be competing in training tours, test-matches and qualification series events across the world in hopes for qualifying for the 2020 Tokyo Games. Competing and training takes a great deal of time, effort and money. The teams are looking for support on their trek to Tokyo. Read below for ways to donate to the programs and to Field Hockey Canada!

Women’s National Team #BackTheWolfpack Fundraiser:

Men’s Olympic Endowment Fund:

Our built-in website payment portal is being developed as we speak. In the meantime, please use the following donation methods:

1. Interact e-transfers to
a. It is no longer necessary to provide a secret question and answer.
b. Please indicate in the message space provided, the name of the
program or project. It is important that the payment is credited towards the
correct athlete.

2. Cheques by mail to:
a. 3800 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, BC,
V6S 2L9
-Please indicate with an attached letter, the name of the program or project the funds are to be directed to.

3. Credit Card
a. Payment by credit card is subject to a 2% service charge to cover charges
incurred by the organization.
b. Payment by credit card requires a completed authorization particular to a tour
or levy.

Terms of Payment
Invoices are due on receipt unless otherwise stated. For copies of an invoice or statement of balance owing, please e-mail

If you have questions in regards to donations, please don’t hesitate to contact:

Susan Ahrens – Interim CEO:
Kevin Underhill – Communications Manager: