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A Day with Gina Kingsbury

June 15, 2011 | Field Hockey Canada |

June 14, 2011 


The Women’s National Team is wrapping up a two week camp in Vancouver, BC. Several days last week were spent as a team in residence at the University of British Columbia with a tight schedule of meetings, training, fitness testing, practices and more. Team physiologist expert, Jason Vescovij, was on hand for the entire camp to help provide some data and feedback as the team moves forward.


As the camp was winding down, the team found themselves in for a real treat. On Tuesday, June 14, they were graced with “Canadian Royalty” as two-time Ice Hockey Olympic Gold Medalist, Gina Kingsbury, attended all sessions of the day. The team started with a four-hourbeach workout that combined hill sprints, core work, plyometrics in the sand and some creative relays. Gina did not participate in the morning session but was saving up her energy for the scheduled floor hockey game later that day.Gina showed us her hockey skills on the floor and was later invited to join the team in some field hockey action.


Gina played field hockey while in prepschool, but she was a little nervous.  It has been a year since her ice hockey retirement, and she is a left handed shooter.  Nevertheless, Gina’s athleticism shined on theturf as she dangled through the circle, even finding the back of the neta couple of times!


It was an incredible opportunity to meet Gina Kinsbury. She answered individual questions and gave an inspiring speech on her journey towards Vancouver 2010. She gave the team reassurance that they were heading in the right direction and the team is very grateful to have had her as a mentor!