Field Hockey Canada > Annual General Meeting comes to Ottawa in June

Annual General Meeting comes to Ottawa in June

May 11, 2012 | Field Hockey Canada |

In one month, leaders from field hockey communities across the country will gather in Ottawa for Field Hockey Canada’s Annual General Meeting.  Attendees will include Provincial Association Presidents and Executive Directors, the FHC Board of Directors, FHC National Staff and leaders working in the Long Term Hockey Development (LTHD) area in each Province.

The 2012 AGM will primarily focus on building field hockey across Canada.  Multiple workshop sessions are intended to develop the national framework for LTHD, building on the ongoing consultation with FHC’s nation-wide membership. 

In addition, membership will also be a key topic at the AGM.  In light of recently introduced Not-for-Profit legislation, FHC is undergoing a two year process to review and revise bylaws – including the current structure of FHC Membership. 

“The AGM is always a very exciting part of our year,” says Karen O’Neill, FHC Senior Lead.  “While the field hockey community stays connected over the phone and Skype throughout the year, it’s great to see everyone face to face.  Several days of strategic workshops always have an incredibly positive impact on our community as we move forward, shaping our future.”

This year’s AGM will take place at the Hotel Indigo, just five blocks up from the Parliament Buildings.

Click here for details including the agenda, session materials and the nominations form.