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Another Tie Game for Canada and Ireland

April 21, 2011 | Field Hockey Canada |

Another Tie Game for Canada and Ireland in Final Match of Series


With a good crowd in attendance and in perfect weather conditions, the last of the three match series was played. The team was also pleased by the attendance of Lynne Zeller, Canada’s Honorary Consul, for Ireland. 

The match this time started with a more offensive style with Ireland obtaining a short corner of the foot of Scott Tupper by the fifth minute of play. A good drag flick was delivered by the Irish, but Toni Kindler was well placed and made a good pad save.

A minute later the Canadians mounted a good counter attack when Keegan Pereira soon after  entering the circle generated our first short corner. Scott Tupper unleashed a strong drag flick but the ball struck the goal post and was defected out of bounds. 

For the next 20 minutes of play Canada’s back line of Scott Tupper, Hudson Stewart, Adam Froese, and Gordie Johnston established a strong wall of defence preventing the Irish of any goal opportunities.

In the 27th minute one attack by the Irish resulted in a good shot on goal with Kindler making the save, but the ball was played into a dangerous position resulting in another short corner for the Irish.  This time the drag flick was played almost directly at Kindler and was easily moved out of danger.

Like the previous match the first half ended 0 – 0.

In the second half, both teams were able to mount many entries into the circle but each goalie was able to manage play directed towards them.

By the 51st minute Matt Guest received a good cross into the circle and turned and fired a good shot on net.  Unfortunately the shot  hit an Irish defenders foot and a short corner was awarded. 

This short corner resulted in the drag flick being placed high and wide of the goal.

In the 58th minute the Irish were able to enter the Canadian circle and successfully play the ball off a Canadian’s foot.  The shot was low and wide of the goal.

For the balance of the game, both teams created offensive opportunities, but neither team was able to create any serious scoring threat.

With the game ending 0-0, the Canadian team ended the series with one win and two ties.  Both countries have now played each other 19 times and with the result of this series completed, Canada now holds a small advantage.

A wonderful meal was hosted by the Irish team with both teams sharing excellent food and an exchange of gifts and thanks to all who made this series a success on and off the field.

Canada now travels to Edinburgh, Scotland for another three match series against Scotland’s National Team scheduled for April 22, 24, and 25th.


 Matthew Guest
 Philip Wright
 Kevin Laidman
 Adam Froese
 Keegan Pereira
 Rob Short
 Dave Jameson
 Gordon Johnson
 Elliot Marsh
 Ken Pereira
 Mark Pearson
 Devohn Texeira
 Gubbar Singh
 Toni Kindler
 Hudson Steward
 Scott Tupper

DNP: David Carter, Ian Symthe, Jesse Watson