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Anthony Farry to lead Men’s National Team

August 8, 2012 | Field Hockey Canada |

As all eyes are on London – the Canadian Men’s National Field Hockey Team looks toward the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.  Anthony Farry will lead the charge as the new Head Coach of the Men’s National Team.  Building on the solid progress that has already been made – Farry is eager to continue establishing a professional training environment and ultimately lead Canada to consistent success on the international stage.

“It’s not about just qualifying for the Olympic Games or World Cup – it’s about being successful once you qualify,” says Farry.  “To get to that point we are cultivating an attitude of success towards everything we do.  If you play for Team Canada – field hockey has to be your top priority.”

Farry hopes to take the Men’s National Team to the next level with a revamped training regimen and professional environment.  So far, so good. 

“I’m enjoying the environment.  I’m enjoying seeing the guys work hard,” says Farry.  “During my time as Assistant Coach with Robin D’Abreo, he initiated many aspects of this transformation.  We’re starting to see the benefits of the hard work and dedication, but we still have a long way to go.  I look forward to being on the pitch every day with the guys – pushing us to work harder and be better.”

To ensure our dedicated athletes have the support they need, Canada continues to expand the Integrated Sport Medicine, Science and Technology Team (IST).  The IST Team utilizes performance technology to give our Men’s National Team the competitive edge.  They also ensure our athletes stay healthy on and off the pitch by continually improving the injury management system and nutrition program.  This extends to the Men’s Junior National Team as well. 

“We are definitely increasing integration with the Junior Program,” says Farry.  “Junior Head Coach Mathias Ahrens and I have been going to each other’s training sessions and competitions – there are a lot of opportunities to collaborate.  As we continue to establish our daily training program, we want to see more overlap and integration.”

The Men’s Junior National Team is currently preparing for the 2012 Junior Pan American Championship in Guadalajara next month.  The Championship serves as the qualifier for the 2013 Junior World Cup – the most important competition for the under 21 age group. 

At the moment, the Senior Squad remains focused on centralized daily training.  While there are some potential test series on the horizon, the next major international competition isn’t until the FIH World League in February 2013.  Until then, Canada will stay focused at home. 

“Every time we step on the pitch, we want to be better than the last time,” says Farry. 

In the past week there has been an unspoken force pushing our Men’s National Team to train harder – to give their everything.  Never again do they want to be training while the opposition competes on the international stage.