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Argentina bests Canada at U17s in Uruguay

March 14, 2010 | Field Hockey Canada |

Argentina bests Canada at Women’s Pan Am Youth Championship

March 14, 2010

By Sue Demuynck

It was a glorious day to play hockey, the sun was shining, we had an extra hour of sleep (daylights savings – fall back), our cheering contingent was large, and we were playing Argentina!
Coaches Robin D´Abreo, Andi Shannon and Sarah Saddler had prepared the young Canadian girls well, and the team stepped onto the pitch with confidence and excitement.  The team attacked their opponents from the opening whistle, and put the Argentines on their heels.  They didn´t know what hit them!  The Canadians were aggressive, and had many good chances at goal.  A penalty corner was called in the 11th minute, and was executed perfectly, Sara McManus smashed the ball into the back of the net.  Needless to say the team, staff and the fans went wild, not only had we scored the first goal…Canada had a lead against an Argentine team!!!!
Alas, the lead was short-lived, the Argies came back with a quick goal, off a penalty corner in the 13th minute.   Canada continued to work hard, generating some play in attacking half, but the opponents were determined and scored their second goal as a result of a field goal.  Unfortunately, this goal seemed to deflate the young Canadians, and they struggled to regain their confidence and form.  Argentina was able to convert on another of their numerous penalty corners in the 33rd minute, just before half-time.
After an excellent half-time talk by Robin and Andi, the team took to the field, and tried to play ¨Canadian hockey¨.  When the girls struck the ball with determination, and moved it crisply, we were able to take back some control of our play.  However, the young Argentines were not willing to give up their lead and scored a field goal in the 45th minutes. 
Kyla Pronk, the Canadian goalie, was amazing in goal, and stopped most first shots that came her way.  In fact, at times she stopped the second and third shots.  Unfortunately, the defence was heavily pressured and struggled to clear out the rebounds, which resulted in a number of penalty corners called against Canada.  The Argies converted on the penalty corner once again in the 59th minute.  Once the outcome of the game was no longer in doubt, the Canadian girls had the opportunity to reestablish some of their form.
Our young Canadians were very disappointed with the game´s result, and must now prepare for Tuesday´s game against Mexico.
Team Doctor, Tom Green and Physiotherapist, Ann Harada, both former National Team members, put the game into perspective.  The jump from Club hockey, to Women´s League, Regional and Provincial level is gradual.  Then you get to International play.  However, there is International play at one level, then there is the top level….as in playing Argentina.  The step is very high, and now the girls know what true International hockey is all about.  The young Canadians´experience can only help them with their next game here at the tournament, and their hockey careers in general.
Today we are off to the Montevideo, to experience some of the culture of the city and country!!!!
Canada vs Argentina  Final Score 1-5 (1-3)

CAN     5 min   #13   Green Card
ARG     9 min   #10   Green Card
CAN   11 min   #14   PC   1-0
ARG   13 min    #14   PC   1-1
ARG   21 min    #10   Yellow Card
ARG   27 min    #9     FG   1-2
ARG   31 min    #10   Yellow Card
ARG   33 min    #14   PC   1-3
CAN   42 min    #7    Yellow Card
ARG   43 min    #7    Yellow Card
ARG   45 min    #13   FG   1-4
ARG   59 min    #18   PC   1-5
Starting Lineup:  Kyla, Pronk, Zoe Berkey, Hannah Haughn, Bridget McGillivray, Emma Plasteras, Alex McCawley, Annabelle Hamilton, Maddie Secco, Rachel Donohoe, Sara McManus,Shannon Herold
Substitutions:  Kendra Perrin, Jaymie Tucker, Laurne Annable, Sarah Keglowitsch, Meghan Hurst