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Argentina downs Canada in Series opener

February 2, 2010 | Field Hockey Canada |

Argentina downs Canada in Series opener

February 2, 2010

By Ali Lee

With a little bit of a west coast rain fall before the match began, the Canadians felt right at home and ready to compete against the highly ranked Argentina national squad. The Canadians were determined to play their own style of hockey and minimize turnovers to maintain possession. With a few scrambles in the beginning of the first half, the Canadians began to settle down and really show that they can compete.

The Argies were, however, able to score off a free play opportunity in the 24th minute that began from a baseline run on the right side. The Canadians were able to keep the powder blue power house team to only a 1-0 lead in the first half.

Looking to build on their first half pressure, the second half saw some brilliant Canadian offensive opportunities that really forced the Argentine goalie and defense to be on their toes. Initially, however, Argentina did well to pressure the Canadian backfield forcing five penalty corners in 10 minutes. The first corner to put Argentina up 2-0, came in the 37th minute, with a high drag flick to the left side of the net.

Azelia Liu (ON) made some great saves on on a few more corners following, however; in the 54th minute, a lay-off left option to the far post beat the Canadian corner unit to bring the scoreline up to 3-0. With a great change in mentality, the Canadians lifted themselves to really press the Argentinean backfield. A pretty passing play that lead to Thea Culley (BC) delivering the ball to Krissy Wishart (ON) in front of the net really shocked the Argentines.

In the 63rd minute, the Canadians earned a penalty corner where Diana Roemer (BC) delivered the ball hard to Kate Gillis (ON), who forced the goalie to make a great save. One of the best opportunities in free play came towards the end of the game, in the 66th minute, where Tyla Flexman hit a great ball to Katie Baker (PEI) waiting deep in the left corner. Baker was able to send a hard cross to a diving Thea Culley (BC) at the far post. Some strong defense by Argentina kept the Canadians off the scoreboard but did not dampen their spirits.

The team, confident in building on this experience, will make some necessary adjustments in order to come out competing for a win on both  Wednesday and Friday night before returning home to Vancouver.

Starting Line-up:

Azelia Liu, Abigail Raye, Samantha Smith, Stephanie Jameson, Ali Lee, Anna Kozniuk, Tyla Flexman, Katie Baker, Kate Gillis, Stephanie Nesbitt, Robyn Pendleton


Krissy Wishart, Katie Collison, Diana Roemer, Michelle Weber, Thea Culley

Did not play:

Amanda Stone

Game Summary:

6 min ARG PC – save Azelia Liu

22 min CAN FP – Robyn Pendleton shot wide

24 min ARG FP – right baseline shot GOAL (1-0)

27 min ARG FP – free play miss

37 min ARG FP – save Azelia Liu

37 min ARG PC – drag flick high left GOAL (2-0)

45 min ARG PC – no shot

46 min ARG PC – save Azelia Liu

49 min ARG FP – save Azelia Liu

50 min ARG FP – save Azelia Liu

50 min ARG PC – save Azelia Liu

54 min ARG PC – lay off left, deflected at far post GOAL (3-0)

55 min CAN FP – shot by Stephanie Nesbitt that was saved

57 min CAN FP – shot that was saved

58 min ARG FP – saved by Azelia Liu

63 min CAN PC – Diana Roemer to Kate Gillis tip that was saved

66 min CAN FP – Ball from Tyla Flexman to Katie Baker to Thea Culley at far post (saved)

70 min ARG FP – great save by Azelia Liu