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Australia A best Canada in test match

August 4, 2009 | Field Hockey Canada |

Canada Lacks Swagger in Match Against Australia A

August 4, 2009

After losing to Australia A – a team made up of the Kookaburras future stars and back-up players – twice in the 3 Nations Tournament by scores of 4-0 and 4-1, Canada’s Men were looking to prove themselves in their third battle.  Once again, Canada started strong, but a quick three goals by Australia, beginning in the eighth minute, would be too daunting as Canada had only scored one goal against the team in 2 matches thus far.

All five of Australia’s goals came from the field, with the first being a pass through the D taken by Jonathon Charlesworth and shot into the net.  Tim Deavin then provided two more quick strikes at the 13th and 16th minutes, both pretty plays on the right wing that made Canada’s left side defense look and feel foolish.  Tournament standout, Glenn Turner, scored the fourth goal in the 28th minute, and Josh Pollard rounded it out in the 44th. 

After Australia’s fifth goal, the game got a little out of hand as frustration set in for the Canadians.  It led to a game stoppage in order for the captains, Canada’s Ken Pereira and Australia’s Kiel Brown, to meet with the referee and be instructed to calm their teams down.

Rob Short and Pete Short played strong games with the latter being asked to drop back to play right defense and performing admirably.  Pereira also played well, but aside from them, there wasn’t much to cheer for.

Vancouverite David Carter was Canada’s goalkeeper for the game, as they kept with the rotation.  Though he let five by, the loss could not be placed on his shoulders.  In fact, he bounced back very well from the three quick goals, making some excellent saves over the remainder of the match.   

Though some added determination may help Canada in their two remaining matches against the Kookaburras on Thursday and Friday, what’s really lacking is any sort of finish on offense.  Many quality balls have been delivered to the forwards, but it always seems to be an outnumbered battle once they reach that point.  In the two days until the next match, Canada will need to work on improving support for the offense, as well as recalling how to defend.

Report by Omar Rawji