Field Hockey Canada > Canada defeats Chile to reach Youth Final

Canada defeats Chile to reach Youth Final

March 18, 2010 | Field Hockey Canada |

Canada defeats Chile to reach Youth Final

March 18, 2010

PanAm Youth Championships 
Carrasco Polo Club, Montevideo, Uruguay

Match Report – Canada 4 vs Chile 1  (1-0) 

Montevideo, and Mother Nature, put on an amazing thunder and lightning show on Wednesday evening.  Luckily, most of the ‘banging and crashing’ has subsided by the time the girls needed to get to bed for their semi final match against Chile.  The day was cooler than it has been for the past eleven days, but unfortunately the mosquitoes love this kind of weather after a storm.

The girls had a good and productive warm up, with the coaches ‘tweeking’ a few things, as part of the plan of attack for the day.  The game
was a fast paced and fairly evenly fought match through much of the first half, with both teams having chances, and few PC’s given up.  Canada’s defense was strong throughout the match, and Kyla Pronk, in goal, was steady and at times spectacular.  Bridget McGillivray played with confidence and constantly smashed the ball, out of danger, and straight onto a forward’s stick.  In the mid-field, Jaymie Tucker generated many good switches and Hannah Haughn literally “puked her guts” while putting a 100% onto the field.  Zoe Berkey continued her strong defensive play, as she has throughout the competition.

Finally, in the 29th minute, a deft pass from Shannon Herold to Lauren Annable, who set up Emma Plasteras, on the left post, gave Canada a 1-0 lead. The Canadian fans, and the many adopted Uruguayan school children, went wild in the stands.  Coach Robin D’Abreo’s message to the girls, after the goal, was that “nothing changes, everything remains the same”.  The girls took heed, and continued to press until the end of the half.

The second half started the way the first half ended, with Canada pressuring the young Chileans.  Maddie Secco set up a charging Emma
Plasteras who beat the goalie, for her second goal of the game, in the 36th minute.  Chile did not give up and continued to press forward, and as a result were able to generate a few PC opportunities.  However, the young Canadian defense was stellar, especially the youngest of them all, Rachel Donohoe.  As first runner, she was out so fast the Chileans’ attack was constantly disrupted.  Then Sara McManus and Annabelle Hamilton were able to safely clear the ball out of danger.

Chile continued to pressured our defense, and were able to score, off a PC, in the 40the minute. The Canadians roared back, creating a foul for a Penalty Stroke in 41st minute, unfortunately for Canada the goalie made a spectacular save off of Sara McManus’ attempt. The constant pressure by the young Canadians produced yet another PC.  Kendra Perrin, the stopper, positioned the ball perfectly for Sara McManus, who fired it into the net, in the 50th minute. In the 51st minute, Sarah Keglowitsch received a sublime pass from Bridget McGillivray, entered the ‘D’, beat the goalie on a reverse smash, BUT one of the defenders made a spectacular stick save on the line, denying Sarah’s fantastic attempt at a goal.

One of Canada’s nicest goals of the tournament came in the 59th minute.  After defending a PC, Rachel Donohoe was able to sweep the ball away from the Chilean stopper.  While carrying the ball out of the ‘D’ she stumbled, and while falling was able to complete the pass to Emma Plasteras on the left side.  Emma delivered a great pass to Alex McCawley who entered the circle and spied Maddie Secco flying towards goal. Alex gave a nice and accurate push pass to Maddie, who nailed it home for Canada’s fourth goal of the game.

The Canadians played good, strong hockey for the last part of the game, ensuring themselves a spot, and a medal, in Saturday’s final. After the game, the girls had a cool down in the Carrasco Polo Club’s pool, a bite to eat, and then headed to the field to watch the Argies defeat the Americans 3-1.

Canada vs Argentina, in the Gold Medal game, on Saturday, March 20, at 4:35 pm.  This is the first time in a very long time that a Canadian women’s team has played in any kind of a PanAm final.

Go Canada Go.  Game on!!!!!


Match Report:

CHI   25 min   #15   Green

CAN   29 min   #8   FG   1-0   Emma Plasteras 

CAN   36 min   #8   FG   2-0   Emma Plasteras

CHI    40 min   #18  PC   2-1

CHI    43 min   #18   Green

CAN   47 min   #13   Green   Rachel Donohoe

CAN   50 min   #14  PC   3-1   Sara McManus

CAN   59 min   #11  FG   4-1   Maddie Secco

CAN   63 min   #23  Yellow    Sarah Keglowitsch

 ***Note:  Canada’s Yellow Cards have all been for 5 yard violations, after Green warnings.


Starting Lineup: Kyla Pronk, Bridget McGillivray, Zoe Berkey, Shannon Herold,Hannah Haughn, Emma Plasteras, Alex McCawley, Annabelle Hamilton, Maddie Secco, Rachel Donohoe, Sara McManus

Substitutes: Meghan Hurst, Kendra Perrin, Jaymie Tucker, Lauren Annable, Sarah Keglowitsch