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Canada defeats Mexico in exhibition Match

March 25, 2010 | Field Hockey Canada |

Canada defeats Mexico in exhibition Match

March 25, 2010

With the California sun still beaming hard at 4:00pm, team Canada was geared up for their second and final test match against Mexico. The start of the game saw Canada control the ball and start to attack.
Only four minutes into the game and a scramble in front of the Mexican goal lead to Canada’s first penalty corner of the match. Stephanie Jameson stepped up well to strike the ball stick side of the goalie and the ball hit a defender and deflected into the mesh. Following the goal, Canada seemed to set back a little bit allowing their basics and the turf to get the better of them. Clear possession throughout the first half was only seen in spurts but in the 27th minute, a speedy Robyn Pendleton was fed a great pass at the top of the circle where she was able to traverse right and hammer it home just inside the far post.

Up 2-0 but still unsatisfied with the execution of the team strategy, Canada was eager to regroup for the second half.

With a few more penalty corner attempts, including a drag flick to the right side by Diana Roemer that was saved, Canada was looking to increase their possession and patience on attack. The lone goal of the second half was generated in the last 5 minutes of the game first when Diana Roemer delivered a ball to Stephanie Nesbitt leading back. 

Nesbitt was able to deflect it wide to an overlapping Abigail Raye. 
With the forwards doing a good job of creating space, Raye was able to take the line directly to net and hit the ball just over a sliding out Mexican goalie.

The team, not entirely happy with their performance, look to recover and regroup with ice baths and team meetings in order to gear up for the start of the tournament on Friday. Canada will face up against Belgium and will be looking to win their first 3 points of the World Cup Qualifier, here in Chula Vista, California.