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Canada loses to Belgium at Qualifier

April 3, 2010 | Field Hockey Canada |

Canada finishes fourth in San Diego after loss to Belgium

April 3, 2010

From FIH

The match to decide the third and fourth place classifications on the last day of the ATAHolding Qualifier was between Belgium and Canada, respectively. Belgium applied early attacking pressure, but Canada’s back-field held firm.

Much of the first half of play was a hard fought battle for possession, with Belgium seeming to control the flow of the match. As a result, Belgium had slightly more chances to score within their attacking third, while Canada struggled to break into their attacking third.

Canada’s defense prevented Belgium from scoring off a penalty corner in the 19th minute to keep the match scoreless. Defensive backs, Stephanie Jameson and Anna Kozniuk, continued to ensure that Belgium did not score. Yet, as Belgium’s constant offensive runs were continuously stifled by the Canadian defense, Canada still couldn’t not build enough momentum to go on attack.

In the 32nd minute, off a breakaway, Canada had Belgium’s keeper Elizabeth Achten beat, but Belgium defended the shot. Thus, after an intense first half of play, the halftime score was Belgium, nill, Canada, nill.

At the start of the second half, Belgium immediately broke the scoreless match in the 36th minute off an Emilie Sinia tip in. Three minutes later, Canada came down on their attacking end and was awarded a penalty corner. Diana Roemer scored off the penalty corner to tie the match 1-1.

Similar to the first half, play in the second half was mostly within Belgium’s attacking half. Charlotte De Vos’ field goal gave Belgium the 2-1 lead in the 49th minute. Soon after, Canada’s Captain Katie Baker had a sound scoring opportunity, but could not finish. De Vos made the score 3-1 off a lifted field goal in the 61st minute.

After Belgium’s third goal, Canada was relentless at trying to attack and score; each time, however, Belgium was there to create turnovers and run back towards their offensive end. Canada’s keeper, Azelia Liu continued to make good saves, but with Canada unable to score more goals, Canada fell to Belgium 1-3. Belgium’s victory ensured their third place finish and spot on the podium; and Canada finished fourth in the ATAHolding Qualifier.