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Canada narrows potential World Cup Squad

November 9, 2009 | Field Hockey Canada |

Canada narrows potential World Cup Squad to 23 athletes

November 9, 2009 

 Photo: PAHF / Yan Huckendubler

A busy October for the Canadian men’s national team concluded last weekend with back to back victories over the United States at their training facility on the University of British Columbia campus.  Throughout the month of October, Canada called upon 25 athletes to compete in both the 7 Test Super Series against India followed by the 4-match test series against the USA to broaden their experience and challenge a number of younger players.

As Canada readies for their next project, December’s Champions Challenge in Argentina, head coach Alan Brahmst has fine-tuned the current World Cup Squad of 32 players down to only 20 players and 3 goaltenders.

“Just about all of the 23 players have a legitimate chance of making our World Cup team in February,” stated Brahmst.  “We have much work ahead of us to continue player development and optimize our performance in Delhi, but we’re on the right track.

We have some specific objectives for the Champions Challenge. The tournament will be an important test for our team.” 

The mean age of the squad is 25 years.  Three of those selected, Adam Froese, Taylor Curran, and Keegan Pereira, are still teenagers.

“The team that’s forming is a mix of veteran experience and youthful enthusiasm,” commented team psychologist Dr. Saul Miller.  “What’s exciting is an emerging feeling of pride, and a feeling of possibility among this group of athletes.”

The following players have been selected to Canada’s World Cup squad:

Forwards (7):

Ranjeev Deol, age 33, 155 Caps

Phil Wright, age 23, 60 Caps

Mark Pearson, age 22, 63 Caps

Taylor Curran, age 17, 21 Caps

Keegan Pereira, age 18, 5 Caps

Connor Grimes, age 26, 126 Caps

Pete Short, age 33, 132 Caps
Midfielders (6):
Ken Pereira, age 36, 291 Caps
Gabbar Singh, age 31, 81 Caps
Connor Meakin, age 21, 22 Caps
Dave Jameson, age 25, 114 Caps
Rob Short, age 37, 291 Caps
Richard Hildreth, age 25, 45 Caps

Averages caps per player: 89.2 

Defenders (7):

Mark Erickson, age 20, 27 Caps

Paul Wettlaufer, age 31, 222 Caps

Wayne Fernandes, age 31, 190 Caps

Scott Sandison, age 30, 152 Caps

Adam Froese, age 18, 9 Caps

Scott Tupper, age 23, 89 Caps

Jesse Watson, age 22, 19 Caps

Goaltenders (3):

Dave Carter, age 28, 25 Caps

Geoff Houghton, age 21, 3 Caps

Antoni Kindler, age 21, 1 Cap

Canada will announce the Champions Challenge team on Tuesday November 10th and will depart for Argentina on the 27th where a warm-up match with New Zealand has been scheduled before competition opens against Pakistan on December 6th.