Field Hockey Canada > Canada struggles to keep up with the Dutch

Canada struggles to keep up with the Dutch

August 15, 2011 | Field Hockey Canada |

“The Netherlands are a world class team, and we failed to adjust to the pace early in the game,” said Assistant Coach Anthony Farry. “However, the team was able to find its structure in the second half and even create a number of good opportunities.”



On August 13, the Canadian Men’s National Team took on the 3rd ranked team in the world: the Netherlands. 

The Dutch showed what it means to be one of the top ranked teams in the world as they produced the first of many penalty corners by the third minute of the match.  Canadian goal keeper Antoni Kindler made a solid save.

In the 15th minute, the Dutch pushed hard into the Canadian circle and without hesitation scored their first field goal of the game.  Two minutes later, the Netherlands were back in Canada’s circle.  Canada was able to thwart their attempt on goal, but the ball made contact with a Canadian body resulting in a stroke, which the Dutch successfully executed.  Canada was down 0 – 2. 

In the 20th minute Canada gave up another costly penalty corner.  The Dutch successfully scored their third goal.  Canada struggled to mount any significant offence. 

The Dutch earned a penalty corner in the 25th minute, but Canadian defense held.  However, in the 28th minute the Dutch took full advantage of a penalty corner, putting the ball past the low stick side of the Canadian net.  And with that the first half ended with the Netherlands up 4 – 0 over Canada. 

After a tough first half, Canada was unable to come out strong in the second.  By the 38th minute the Netherlands’ excellent stick handling resulted in their fifth goal.  Just three minutes later Canada conceded another goal off a strong baseline drive and easy redirection by the Dutch. 

Notwithstanding the score, the Canadians pursued their game plan and were able to hold off the Netherlands for the remainder of the game.  Canada created a number of offensive opportunities, but the Dutch goal keeper held strong. 

Even though the Canadian defense showed improved form, and did not concede a penalty corner for the entire second half, the match ended 6 – 0 for the Netherlands. 


DNP: D. Carter, R. Hildreth, S. Singh