Field Hockey Canada > Canada takes final game with 4-1 victory

Canada takes final game with 4-1 victory

May 2, 2011 | Field Hockey Canada |

Canada ends tour on a high note with a win against Scotland


This was the final game of the three match test series with Scotland, and the last game of the tour for Canada.

Much to Head Coach D’Abreo delight, the team wasted no time in asserting their presences by scoring their first goal in the second minute of play.

Canada obtained possession of the ball just outside the Scottish 23 meter line and Keegan Pereira hammered a hard ball into the Scottish circle. Cutting across the middle of the circle was Philip Wright who magically deflected the fast moving ball behind his back past the Scottish keeper.

With early momentum the Canadians sustained good possession and position on the field.

By the 5th minute Canada regained the Scottish circle and this time Gubbar Singh was able to pick up a rebound in the middle of the circle and unleash one of his patented shots on goal and beat the Scottish keeper on his stick side.

With two early goals the game became more settled with both teams earning entries into circle, but both being unable to convert.

In the 20th minute, thanks to the good stick handling of Iain Symthe, Canada was able to generate its first short corner of the game. Unfortunately the Scottish defence was able to get a stick on the ball and deflect if off the end of the field.

Two minute later the Scots were able to make one of its rare entries into the Canadian circle and generate its first short corner. The initial shot on goal was handled by Dave Carter but the rebound fell onto the stick of Fergus Dunn of Scotland who handily placed the ball into the back of the net.

This goal did bolster the play of the Scots and they earned their second short corner of the half in the 28th minute. This time Mark Pearson, being the first runner, was able to get to the top of the circle and deflect the shot well wide of the goal.

With the game now being played a more end to end fashion, Canada was able to generate its last short corner of the first half in the 31st minute. This time the Scottish keeper was full marks in keeping the ball out of the goal and the half ended 2 – 1 for Canada.

The first few minutes of the second half opened just like the first. This time Canada was able to generate a short corner in the 37th minute but despite 2 re-awards was unable to convert.

Having succeeded in holding off the Canadians the Scots regained some confidence and momentum and by the 39th minute were able to penetrate the Canadian circle. The Scottish forward was fouled from behind and was rewarded Stroke by the umpire. The Scottish player stepped up and accurately placed the ball to the low stick side of the net, but much to the dismay of the Scots, Dave Carter rose to the occasion and dove across the net to handily save the stroke.

With the score remaining 2 -1, the Scots were not deterred, and they continued to draw even with Canada. By the 47th minute Scotland earned another short corner. Again, Carter was there and made a clean save.

Trying to restore some momentum in their game, the Canadians did earn another short corner in the 53rd minute. The outcome of this corner was once again no goal.

The Scots clearly started to build some momentum and started taking the game to Canada and by the 56th minute were able to generate another short corner. This time Jesse Watson proved the hero with an excellent stick-save just inside the stick side post of the Canadian goal.

Two minutes later the Scots got another yet another short corner, but Canada’s defence held and no goal was scored.

In the 60th minute Canada was able to make it into the Scots circle and Keegan Pereira was able to gain possession just inside the top of the circle. This time he deftly stick handled around 3 Scottish defenders and hit a reverse stick shot into the low stick side of the Scottish goal providing Canada with a 3 – 1 lead.

To their credit, the Scots did not fold. They began to press hard and moved more players forward in attack. However, Canada was able mount a counter attack in the 66th minute with Mark Pearson able to get around the Scottish right back and go one on one with the Scottish keeper. Making a classic Canadian ice hockey move, Pearson fainted to one side causing the Scottish keeper to spread his pads apart anticipating a pass to Matt Guest at the far post, and Pearson slotted the ball into the goal between his legs.

In the 69th minute Scotland was able to generate the last short corner of the game. This time the Canadian defence held again and the game ended with Canada earning a convincing 4 -1 victory to close out the series by winning two of the three matches.

Canada now returns home to allow the team some time to rest and recover. Starting in early May they start back training in preparations for the 2011 Pan American Games set for October.

Canada finished their tour with 3 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses.