Field Hockey Canada > Canada vs Australia Report: May 11, 2010

Canada vs Australia Report: May 11, 2010

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Exhibition Game 2

Tuesday May 11, 2010

The Canadians were showcasing a large number of their squad members on their bench Tuesday night as many were getting their first opportunity to play an international game. With the coaches still looking for their final squad for the test series, there was nothing to lose for the majority of these young girls. With a chance to rest some of the senior players, several girls got to rotate on the court including speedy forwards Kyesia O’Neale, Laura Tavares, Jess Buttinger and Natty Provenzano. As well, Sydney James was a strong force up front while Laura Strauss handled the pressure being in the backfield very well. The Australian’s were quick to take control of the game scoring in the 3rd and 5th minute of play. Canada was able to limit their penalty corner goals down to two with only three other goals coming on free play. Canada was able to pocket an early goal thanks to the small but fierce play of grade eleven dynamo Amanda Woodcroft. Her individual efforts in the circle and quick release of the ball past the Australian goal keeper were true signs of her potential and the future ahead of her.

Backed by University of Toronto goal keeper Katy Jo Williams, the second half saw a more composed and controlled Canadian side. Kri Shier stepped up strong out of the back field along with Jenna Adleman and Emily Rix to keep the Australian’s off the scoreboard in the second half. Canada was able to win the second half with a lone goal coming off a bulls eye pass up the center of the court by Kri Shier to Jess Buttinger, who was then able to redirect it through the goalie’s legs and into the net. The final score of the match was 5-2 for Australia but the improvement and experience that the Canadian bench gained was truly valuable as they prepare to make selections for their final squad.

Starting Line-up: Burgundy Biletski, Emily Rix, Ali Lee, Angela Lancaster, Sydney James, Amanda Woodcroft

Subs: Amanda Stone, Jenna Adleman, Kri Shier, Kyesia O’Neale, Malinda Hapuarachchi, Hannah Tighe, Laura Tavares, Jessica Buttinger, Katy Jo Williams, Natty Provenzano, Laura Strauss, Erin Houle