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Canadian Men’s Jr. Team Ties USA

November 14, 2010 | Field Hockey Canada |

Men’s Jr. Team Draw’s USA In Game 2

November 14, 2010

Canada  –  2      USA  –  2

The Canadian athletes were unsettled with the intensity the USA team brought to the second match.  Canada continued on with the quick rotation up front due to the match start time (1:30 pm) and the hot dry weather conditions.  Canada’s defence was lead by the goalie Kevin Pereira who was virtually untested in the 1st match and stopped every attempt made by the USA in the first half.  Canada had several scoring chances of their own with fast counter attacks, but were unable to capitalize.  Late in the 1st half Canada was awarded its first penalty corner,  Jeremaiah Henriques – #8 netted the ball at the 33 minute mark, off a rebound from the goalies save from the initial drag flick.

The score at the end of the 1st half was Canada 1 – USA 0.

Canada ball possession in the USA zone earned Canada’s second penalty corners early.  Canada’s penalty corner unit ran an option play, and Tyler Klenk – #6 was able to deflected the ball over the goalie at the 43 minute mark.  Canada maintained good positional structure till the 60th minute when the defence was unable to clear the ball after being put under pressure from the USA.  On a defensive turn over the USA score it first goal of the series at the 63 minutes with a solid hit from Viren Padhiar – #5.  Then within 2 minutes the USA scored again from a broken penalty corner with a shot to the far side from Christian Linney – #8.

This was a disappointing finish to a game where Canada was in the lead for 60 minutes without playing their best hockey.

The score at the end of the 2nd half was Canada 2 – USA 2.


Canada Starting Line-up:

#  3 – Brenden Bissett
# 15 – Arsh Buttar
#  9 – Spencer Curran
#  7 – Taylor Curran
#  8 – Jeremaiah Henriques
# 16 – James Kirkpatrick
#  6 – Tyler Klenk
#  4 – David Loy
#  1 – Kevin Pereira (G)
# 12 – Nicolas Roggeveen
# 18 – Paul Wharton


1st Half

Goals:  Canada   –  1      USA  –  0
Penalty Corners:  Canada  –  1      USA  –  6
Cards:  Canada  –  none      USA  –  none

2nd Half

Goals:  Canada  –   1      USA  –  2
Penalty Corners:  Canada  –  4      USA  –  4
Cards:  Canada  –  none     USA  –  none

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Alvin Bissett
Team Manager
Men’s Junior National Team