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Canadian men defeat Trinidad & Tobago

October 9, 2010 | Field Hockey Canada |

Canadian men defeat Trinidad & Tobago at Commonwealth

Photo: CWG/Yan Huckendubler

October 9, 2010

The Canadian men’s field hockey team won its match against Trinidad & Tobago, earning three points despite a lacklustre performance.

Trinidad & Tobago has been a tough opponent in the recent past, so the Canadians started strongly, forcing a penalty-corner in the 10th minute. Scott TUPPER’s flick was saved illegally, generating a penalty-stroke that the same TUPPER coolly slotted out of reach of the goal-keeper.

The game was flowing back and forth between two teams used to playing each other in the Pan American competitions. The crowd was kept well entertained and large sections of the Delhi crowd started cheering for the Canadians, especially when Gabbar SINGH or Ken PEREIRA were launching their trademark runs.

Trinidad & Tobago received a yellow card at the end of first period and Canada immediately exploited the advantage to earn another penalty-corner, scored again by Scott TUPPER to widen the lead to a more comfortable margin.

The intensity somewhat abated in second period, and the actions were more spectacular than productive. Trinidad & Tobago was nevertheless far from been beaten and Antoni KINDLER was often called into action to protect the Canadian goal. Canada used their experience to control the end of the match and earn the three precious points.

The Canadian men’s team plays their last pool match on Sunday against New Zealand.

For more information on the Canadian field hockey teams at the 2010 Commonwealth in Delhi, please contact Yan Huckendubler, Press Attaché, at +91 78-3850-3722.


Canada vs. Trinidad & Tobago: 2-0 (1-0)

CAN  10mn  Scott TUPPER (PS)  1:0

CAN  27mn  Scott TUPPER (PC)  1:0

Canada: Philip WRIGHT, Scott TUPPER, Jesse WATSON, Richard HILDRETH,  Hudson STEWART, Ken PEREIRA [C], David JAMESON, Rob SHORT, Mark PEARSON, Keegan PEREIRA, Iain SMYTHE, Gabbar SINGH, Matthew GUEST, Adam FROESE, Antoni KINDLER(GK) – DNP: David CARTER (GK)

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