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Canadian women finish 6th in Delhi

October 11, 2010 | Field Hockey Canada |

Canadian women finish 6th at Commonwealth Games

October 11, 2010

Canadian women’s hockey team finishes 6th in Commonwealth Games

The classification game (5th-6th place) between the Canadian women’s field hockey team and India opened in the blazing mid-day heat and in a warm atmosphere. Although the venue was not as packed as the night before for the formidable men’s game between India and Pakistan (7-4!), those present were shouting loudly each time an Indian player had the ball.

The Canadian women did not appear to be impressed and contained the initial pressure well, pushing forward dangerously on a green card to India, but to no avail. The first serious chance was for India when a forward received the ball unmarked at the top of the circle, but Azelia LIU stood tall in goal for a spectacular glove save. India earned the first penalty-corner of the game in the 13th minute but could not generate a shot under the pressure of the Canadian runners.

Tyla FLEXMAN was having a strong game in defense and midfield, and the Canadians were playing at their best, but they could not prevent a high forward to collect the ball deep in the circle to slam it from close range past the goal-keeper, sending the local crowd in frenzy.

The Indian women were playing a fast typically Indian attacking style, but the Canadian defense stayed regrouped and patient, defending well another penalty-corner and getting some welcome assistance from their post. Thea CULLEY and Stephanie NESBITT had chances at the other end but were not helped by inconsistent umpiring and half-time was reached with the one goal lead in favour of India.

India besieged the Canadian goal in second half. Canada survived for a while, but the heat was clearly taking its toll and they started committing unforced errors on their passes or dribbles, and Azelia LIU was called multiple times into action to protect her goal. At the other end, the Canadian forwards were too isolated to be dangerous; their most dangerous action was on a penalty-corner, but they could not control it.

Despite a strong push in the last ten minutes, Canada could not score the precious equalizer, while another annoying umpiring error offered a second goal to India.

The Canadian women’s team finishes the Commonwealth Games in 6th place, their entry rankings in the competition.

For more information on the Canadian field hockey teams at the 2010 Commonwealth in Delhi, please contact Yan Huckendubler, Press Attaché, at +91 78-3850-3722.

India vs. Canada: 3-0 (1-0)

IND 18mn (FG) 1:0

IND 66mn (FG) 2:0

IND 70mn (FG) 3:0

Canada: Kate GILLIS, Katie COLLISON, Ali LEE, Stephanie JAMESON, Thea CULLEY, Stephanie NESBITT, Katie BAKER, Abigail RAYE, Diana ROEMER, Robyn PENDLETON, Tyla FLEXMAN, Samantha SMITH, Kristine WISHART, Anna KOZNIUK, Azelia LIU (GK)

DNP: Amanda STONE (GK),