Field Hockey Canada > Canadian women qualify for semi-finals of Pan American Games

The Canadian women’s team did the most important by winning this last pool game against Trinidad & Tobago, but they gave a scare to their fans by only scoring in the final minutes of the match, after sterilely pressuring T&T during most of the game.

Canada started on a slow tempo and gave away a penalty corner, which Trinidad & Tobago converted in the 7th minute. From then on, Canada took total control of play and pushed back Trinidad & Tobago in their defensive half. But they were less sharp than against Argentina, less accurate in their passes, a split second too late in their actions and totally inefficient on the numerous penalty-corners that they were awarded.

The score was still in favor of Trinidad & Tobago at half time, and most of the second period was played along the same pattern, with Canada unable to conclude against a Trinidadian defense happy to stay compactly regrouped in their defensive end, well backed by a goal-keeper having a great game. But there was only so much pressure that they could absorb, and only so many mistakes that the Canadians could do, and Brienne STAIRS finally tied the match in the 61st minute, much to the relief of the Canadian fans (and players).

In the final minutes of the match, Kate GILLIS deflected in goal a shot from Abigail RAYE to seal the win and a berth in semi-finals, for the first time since the 1999 Games in Winnipeg!

Semi-finals are next Wednesday. Canada will play at 15:00 against an opponent from pool B still to be decided.