Field Hockey Canada > Canadians victorious over Mexico

Canadians victorious over Mexico

March 17, 2010 | Field Hockey Canada |

Canadians victorious over Mexico

March 16, 2010

Match Report

Canada vs Mexico   Final Score 12 – 1 ( 7-1)

Tuesday, March 16

The young Canadian team regrouped after their loss to Argentina, by eating some gelato, doing some shopping, and analyzing their “game clips” with the coaches.

With a firm game plan in hand, the girls took to the field determined to play their game, the Canadian way.

Canada took it to Mexico from the opening whistle, forcing a PC in the 4th minute.  Emma Plasteras scored her first of four goals in the game, blasting it by the Mexican keeper.    Mexico pushed back and was able to put one into goal, in the 7th minute, after some scrambled play which resulted in a PC.  With heads held high, and with a great deal of confidence, the Canadian girls stormed back.  Sara McManus converted a 16th minute PC, taking first shot and smashing it into the back of the net.

The young Canadians then scored five goals in the next nine minutes, putting the game out of reach, before the half ended.  Emma Plasteras buried a rebound, off a PC, in the 19th minute.  Sarah Keglowitsch received a beautiful ball from Alex McCawley, and scored on a well executed reverse hit, in the 21st minute.  In the 22nd minute, Emma Plasteras stick handled into the ‘D’, after receiving the ball at the twenty-five, and placed it by the goal keeper.  Annabelle Hamilton was able to tip the ball into the top corner to finish off a 27th minute PC.  Alex McCawley passed the ball across the stroke marker, to a perfectly positioned Lauren Annable who made no mistake and tipped it past over worked Mexican keeper, in the 28th minute.  The first half ended with the score 7-1, in favour of our young Canadians.

The half-time talk was encouraging, and the girls were told to continue with their game plan, and to stay focused on the task at hand.  Lauren Annable started the second half as she ended the first half.  She received a great ball, and smashed it into goal in the 39th minute.  Coach Robin D’Abreo was able to experiment with some different tactics, during the second half, and the team had a fifteen minute break from scoring another goal.  However, in the 54th minute, Maddie Secco had a path to goal open up at the twenty- five and she ‘beelined’ into the ‘D’ placing the ball through the keeper and into the back of the net.  Sarah McManus converted on one of Canada’s many PC’s, in the 58th minute, tipping the ball in after a scramble in the circle.  Canada continued to apply a great deal of pressure on the Mexican defense, and in the 63rd minute, Hannah Haughn was left wide open on the far left post, and deposited the ball into the goal.  Also in the 63rd minute, Emma Plasteras scored her fourth goal of the game, after deking  the sweeper to the left; she cheekily pushed the ball past the embattled keeper.

Canada’s goal keeper, Meghan Hurst, and her defense did not have a lot of action, but had to stay alert as the Mexicans were able to enter the Canadian ‘D’ a few times throughout the game.

The team started Wednesday with a light practice, and a team meeting.  The girls then had the afternoon off, while the coaching staff, consisting of Robin D’Abreo, Andi Shannon and Sarah Saddler, poured over game tapes, to plan their strategy for Thursday’s game.  Game time is 4:35, against Chile.  The result of the game will be sent as soon as possible, with a full Match Report later in the evening.

Match Report

Canada vs Chile  12-1 (7-1)
CAN   4 min   #8   PC   1-0   Emma Plasteras
MEX  7 min   #4    PC   1-1
CAN   9 min   #6   Green      Alex McCawley
CAN  16 min  #14 PC   2-1   Sara McManus
CAN  19 min  #8   PC   3-1    Emma Plasteras
CAN  21 min  #23 FG   4-1    Sarah Keglowitsch
CAN  22 min  #8   FG   5-1    Emma Plasteras
CAN  25 min  #11 Yellow     Maddie Secco
CAN  27 min  #10 PC   6-1    Annabelle Hamilton
CAN  28 min  #18 FG   7-1    Lauren Annable
CAN  39 min  #18 FG   8-1    Lauren Annable
CAN  54 min  #11 FG   9-1    Maddie Secco
MEX 56 min  #15  Yellow
CAN  58 min  #14 PC  10-1   Sara McManus
CAN  63 min  #4   FG  11-1   Hannah Haughn
CAN  63 min  #8   FG  12-1   Emma Plasteras

Starting Lineup:  Meghan Hurst, Kendra Perrin, Zoe Berkey, Hannah Haughn, Emma Plasteras, Alex McCawley, Annabelle Hamilton, Maddie Secco, Jaymie Tucker, Rachel Donohoe, Sara McManus

Substitutions:  Bridget McGillivray, Lauren Annable, Sarah Keglowitsch

DNP:  Kyla Pronk, Shannon Herold