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Commonwealth Games Blog – Entry #11

August 2, 2014 | Field Hockey Canada |

It was a strange feeling waking up this morning knowing our Commonwealth Games pursuit was over.

We knew this tournament was going to be a huge learning experience for us so taking the hard lessons of losing your final game were no exception.

We started our day with a debrief of last night’s game focusing on our performance and how we can use this loss to better our team and ourselves.

And the learning didn’t stop there we were then straight off to watch the two Women’s semi finals of the day: South Africa vs Australia, and New Zealand vs England. Australia blew SA out of the water with some great hockey, but the England New Zealand game was a nail biter!

As we played New Zealand a few times and Ian has coached them in the past, I think we were really wanting them to win. I think this only showed when a late equalizer from New Zealand brought the team to our feet.

Watching live world class hockey in a fan filled stadium is not a luxury we get in Canada, and I know the term ‘hockey nerd’ may get thrown at me after this statement, but I absolutely loved it and left the stadium feeling inspired.

After a hockey filled day it, was time to take advantage of this multi sport event and enjoy a different sporting flavor. The team had managed to snag some athletics tickets for the evening session when Bolt was rumored to be running.

After a quick bite to eat at the caf, we arrived at Hampden Park Stadium at around 7 o’clock ready and raring for some athletics action!

We watched the men’s 10,000metres and steeple chase and no matter how happy the winner appeared I have no idea why anyone would willing participate in such a grueling event.

Myself and Brie ‘cheese’ Stairs agreed that our tactic would be to fain an ankle sprain after jumping into the water on the first lap. If you read this and I somehow manage to sustain an unusual ankle sprain during the timed laps we run at practice…’s real. A

fter coming up with fantastic, coordinated team dances to the stadium music and standing for various anthems of field event medal winners, it was finally time for Bolt to race!

I’m not sure what I was expecting but I guess all I can say is he really is fast…..and it was ‘totally awesome’ to see him live.

As a quick side note…I did walk straight past him in the village yesterday….but Mark Pearson wouldn’t let me take a picture with him….something I may never be able to forgive him for! Obviously a lot of regret about that…

Bolt’s race marked off the end of our day and we headed home on a very busy train.

A quick note to thank everyone that has been watching and supporting our team throughout the Games.

Your messages and tweets of support mean the world to us and we wish we had some solid results to show you the incredible improvements and growth we are making.

We are a tough, hardworking, committed group of girls and the score board results will begin to show that.