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Commonwealth Games Blog – Entry #5

July 27, 2014 | Field Hockey Canada |

Hiya from Glasgow. 

After back to back games, July 26th was a much deserved rest day for the Canadian Women’s Field Hockey Team.

Our first commitment for the day was a debrief of the South Africa match, followed by a recovery session led by the one and only Elliot “The Salon Is My Second Home” Usher.

This included a nice walk and stretch, followed by a not so nice ice bath. Though, and I think the rest of the team agrees, when I say no one suffers more during them than Jess “The Biebs” Barnett, hang in there JB, just keep dancing. 

We rushed from our icy nightmare to a nearby rec center to watch the rest of the men’s game against Malaysia. After rearranging an entire area, and ordering a few fantastic coffees, we cheered them until the end, a close 2-0 loss.

Special shoutout to Dave “Apparently He Has A Few Nicknames” Jameson on his 200th cap for Canada, an incredible milestone we all aspire to!

The rest of the afternoon was designated free time, allowing most of our team to head into Glasgow to catch up with family members who have made the trek across the pond to cheer us on. It’s pretty incredible the effect they have on us during the matches, so thank you!

Especially to the cohorts of Abi “My Family Takes Up Half The Stadium” Raye, because they really do take up half the stadium.

There was also a handful of us that meandered around the village during this time, opting to nap, drink coffee, eat, nap, tinder and nap. It was a refreshing afternoon.

Finally, we reassembled to head on over to the filled to the brim Ibrox Stadium to watch a bit of the Rugby 7s action and cheer on our boys in their match against host nation, Scotland.

It was an incredibly fun experience that eventually ended in the 16 of us having a cheering battle against roughly 50,000 Scots. Oddly enough, I don’t think we won that one.

Lastly, we headed back to our home base, stopping for cereal along the way, to get a good night’s sleep before a big match against Trinidad and Tobago.

Thank you all so much for the support we’ve been receiving, it really has a huge impact on us. We’re looking to do you all proud over here!

Catch ya on the flipside,