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FHC Announces ’09-’10 Women’s Carding

May 7, 2009 | Field Hockey Canada |

FHC announces 2009-10 women’s carded athletes

7 May 2009

Field Hockey Canada announced on Thursday afternoon the names of the women who will be carded in 2009-10 under the Athlete Assistance Program.  These athletes qualify for financial assistance while they train with the women’s national squad.

Katie Baker – Argly Shore, PEI

Stephanie Jameson – Vancouver, BC

Stephanie Nesbitt – North Vancouver, BC

Azelia Liu – Scarborough, ON

Katie Rushton – Victoria, BC

Tiffany Michaluk – West Vancouver, BC

Thea Culley – Rossland, BC

Jessalyn Walkey – Rockwood, ON

Amanda Stone – Richmond, BC

Shannon Elmitt – West Vancouver, BC

Abigail Raye – Kelowna, BC

Anna Kozniuk – North Vancouver, BC

Ponnam Sandhu – Vancouver, BC

Tyla Flexman – Vancouver, BC

Diana Roemer – Mill Bay, BC

Miranda Mann – Duncan, BC

Caashia Karingten – Vancouver, BC

Danielle Hennig – Kelowna, BC

Natalie Wise – Surrey, BC

Samantha Smith – North Vancouver, BC

Stephanie Madsen – North Vancouver, BC

Brittany Bloutt – Manotick, ON

Kristine Wishart – Hamilton, ON

Paige Norris – Victoria, BC

Kim Scraper – West Vancouver, BC

Kyesia O’Neale – Mississauga, ON