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FHC Represented at PAHF Technical Seminar

May 14, 2013 | Field Hockey Canada |

On April 19 and 20, 2013,  the PAHF held a Technical Seminar for umpires and officials with four members representing FHC: two umpires and two officials. The seminars and workshops in Miami provided a great opportunity for attendees to hone their craft among their international colleagues.

The Umpire Seminar was conducted by the experienced English Umpire Mrs. Jane Nockold. Jane brings a wealth of expertise as an Olympic umpire and as a respected educator in the umpire space. Megan Robertson and Deric Leung made the trip down for the intensive seminar focusing on umpire management, style, and communication techniques.

The seminar provided the perfect way for Megan and Deric to prepare for upcoming umpiring duties at FHC’s various National Championships and the Pan American Cup.

The Officials Seminar was conducted by two of the most experienced TDs from FIH and PAHF: Mrs. Laura Pigretti and Mr. Willard Harris. Again, Canada was well represented, with Brenda Rushton and Antony Stewart in attendance.

The focus here is to prepare for FIH appointments from the technical side of things. Topics ranged from dealing with incidents and issues at major competitions to ensuring smooth competition workflows pre, during, and post event.

By all accounts, the Technical Seminar was a successful weekend of education. Continued development of our umpires and officials is extremely important to the game of Field Hockey. Field Hockey Canada is pleased to support such initiatives.