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Junior Women’s Blog: Day 3

March 16, 2011 | Field Hockey Canada |

Junior Women’s Team Blog

 March 15, 2011

Day 3: 

Today was full of different emotions.  We started our day with a nice team run & stretch followed by breakfast.   Then we headed to our meeting to find out our line ups and game plan for the big match against Team USA.  After this we had just over an hour to calm ourselves and mentally prepare.  We headed to our vans for the trek to the field, filled with anxiety, excitement and nerves. 

Upon arrival at the field, we had just over an hour to do any last minute things before we began our warm up.  We went to our favourite warm up spot and we knew it was game time! 

Then the first half began and we were battling it out in the heat.  We held defensive pressure and had many scoring opportunities but couldn’t find the back of the net!  We did however find the post.  Our defensive efforts were solid as well and the half ended with a 0-0 draw.

The second half opened with a bang.  The intensity definitely increased as some of the anxiety wore off and we found ourselves with a 1-0 lead!  It was a beautiful goal roofed into the netting by the one and only Emma Plasteras.  Later on in the half we had another fantastic opportunity, it looked to be going in, but yet again we hit the post.  The Americans came back looking for the equalizer but our defense held its ground.  Although we had a few minor hiccups in the last 10 minutes, we stayed cool, calm and collected and came out victorious! 

After our success, we had a very thorough cool down to avoid soreness for tomorrow’s match.  Then we packed up our vans and headed back to the hotel for some food, rest and ice baths. 

Before we knew it we were off to the Olive Garden for some true Italian cuisine.  Regardless of the authenticity of the food, we were definitely full after eating and even celebrated a birthday!  Maddie Secco turned 17 today, congrats Budday!

We came home from dinner and had a nice celebratory cupcake for Maddie’s special day; then were given the schedule for tomorrow.

We look forward to our second match; hopefully it will be a repeat of today.

Well that’s it for now,


Lauren (big smart head) Logush #32,Sofia (the foolish baby) Walia#17, Maddie (budday the dingus) Secco # 7



from San Diego, California, USA

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