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Junior Women’s Camp begins at UBC

August 11, 2010 | Field Hockey Canada |

Athletes arrive for Junior Women’s Camp

August 12, 2010

The first stage of the Women’s National Junior Camp has started this week at UBC and will run from August 10th to the 15th.  A formalized Junior National Team Program is a strategic initiative for Field Hockey Canada. The identification camps represent the initial phase of this program. 40 Athletes arrived from across Canada yesterday to participate in this camp, with this Nick Sandhu has assumed the appointment of the National Junior Women’s Team Head Coach.

Excitement is in the air as the athletes arrived and settled into their rooms.  It was interesting to see the girls meet for the first time.  Many of the athletes have played against each other for a few years at the National Championships while representing their respective Proviences, and now they are sharing accommodations, training and evolving as players together for Canada.  When the girls entered the Athlete Welcome meeting you could see the anticipation in their eyes.

Head Coach Nick Sandhu greeted the athletes and introduced the staff assisting him this week. Newly appointed Assistant Coach to the Women’s National Team, Paul Bundy went over team direction and tactics as the players took notes.  Following this, Head Coach Louis Mendonca spoke to the athletes about being a part of the program and competing for a spot on the Senior Canadian Team.  The girls were all smiles as Louis prompted them to ask questions about the process of becoming a player for Team Canada.   At this camp as the athletes become a part of the National program, it is an exciting opportunity for all involved. Day two will bring fitness testing and the squad will be divided into two teams for training and games.

Camp Attendees:                           Camp Staff:
Adrea Donaldson BC                         Head Coach: Nick Sandhu
Alanna Macdonald BC                         Manager: Roxanne Perry
Alex Thicke BC                         Assistant Coaches:
Alexandra McCawley      BC                           Paul Bundy
Alexis Veljasic BC                           Krista Thompson
Alexis Wagner ON                           Liz Allan
Ali Nelson ON                           Henre Meyer
Alyssa Bull ON                           Sarah Saddler
Anna Ewasechko AB                           Bubli Chohan
Bea Francisco BC                          
Caroline McNeill BC                          
Emma Mackie BC                          
Emma Plasteras BC                          
Gurpreet Chandi ON                          
Hannah Haughn BC                          
Heather Haughn BC                          
Jessica Donaldson ON                          
Jonel Boileau BC                          
Kathleen Leahy BC                          
Kelly McQuade BC                          
Kyla Pronk BC                          
Laura Strauss ON                          
Lauren Annable BC                          
Lauren Logusy ON                          
Maddie Secco BC                          
Megan Kirkham ON                          
Michelle Graham BC                          
Natalie Sourisseau BC                          
Natasha Ford BC                          
Nicole Laskosky AB                          
Priya Randhawa BC                          
Sarah Keglowitsch BC                          
Shannon Herold BC                          
Shauna Rankin-Byrne SK                          
Simone Lazar ON                          
Sofia Walia BC                          
Stephanie Elmitt BC                          
Taryn Marks BC                          
Theresa Emery AB