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Junior women’s camps this November

November 9, 2010 | Field Hockey Canada |

Information on November Junior Womens’ Camps

November 9, 2010

Field hockey Canada is holding two open junior women camps, one in Vancouver and the other in Toronto.  The dates for these camps are November 18-21 and November 26-28 respectively.  One camp was held earlier in the year in August in Vancouver where nationally identified players took part.  These players were identified from three different competitions, such as Senior National Championships, U-18 National Championships and U-16 National Championships.  Forty of the identified players attended the camp in Vancouver and out of those twenty four players were added to the national squad.  Although we had a good turnout at this camp there were still players who could not attend due to various reasons.  These two camps in November are opportunities for those players who were identified earlier but could not attend the August camp, as well as for other players who were not identified earlier for various reasons but are recommended by their provincial associations.

Some players will be selected from these two camps and will be added to the squad.  The whole squad of approximately forty players will be invited to a camp in January 2011 in Vancouver.  The dates for the camp are from January 6-9.  At the conclusion of this camp an eighteen member team will be selected which will compete in a four game series against USA U-19 team in San Diego from March 12-20.

The players who don’t make this team will be encouraged to continue to train under the provincial guidance until another such opportunity to join the squad occurs. 

There will also be some opportunities for provincial coaches to take part in these two camps to get familiarized with modern skills and tactics.