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Loud, proud parents in Guadalajara

September 25, 2012 | Field Hockey Canada |

They were well represented at the 2012 Pan American Junior Championships in Guadalajara, Mexico – loud, proud, decked out in red and white, sporting the maple leaf.  Parents of the Canadian Junior National Teams were out in full-force throughout the tournament, cheering the Junior Men and Women to silver medals and berths to the 2013 Junior World Cup. 

We caught up with several parents to hear about their experience in Guadalajara.

FHC: What was your favourite moment of the Pan American Junior Championships?

“Watching our boys and girls play with strength, maturity, confidence and grace.” – Sarah & Rob Jones (parents of Sam Jones)

“The second half of the Men’s Canada match against Chile when the Canadian boys demonstrated their skill, poise and determination.” – Margot & Kirk Kirkpatrick (parents of James Kirkpatrick)

“Our girls’ dramatic win over Mexico.  They had to win by goals – and they did it.  I have never watched a more exciting game of such importance.” – Ljerka & George Haughn (parents of Hannah Haughn)

“We just caught the last two games of Canada versus Chile – it was wonderful to see how strong and confident both the men’s and women’s teams are.” – Maria & GG Francisco (parents of Bea Francisco).

“Seeing the happy and relieved smiles on both Canadian teams after winning the semifinals.  We loved to see how solid and passionate they played for each other.” – Duncan & Seona Johnston (parents of Gordon Johnston)

FHC: How does it feel to have your child represent Canada?

“So proud, so emotional.” – Mr. and Mrs. Jones

“It has been incredible, we are very honoured!  It is the culmination of months and months of preparations.  We were thrilled to see his happy reaction when they qualified for the Junior World Cup.” – Mr. and Mrs. Kirkpatrick

“It’s an incredible honour.  Our whole family is very proud that Hannah made the team.  They are such a tight knit group.” – Mr. and Mrs. Haughn

“It is an amazing experience for all of us.  It is an honour.”  – Mr. and Mrs. Francisco

“We are so proud of the young men.  We feel very welcome into the larger community, including the Junior Women, the Seniors and all supporters of the National Teams.”  Mr. and Mrs. Johnston

FHC: How was your overall experience in Guadalajara?

“It has been incredible – the people, the culture, the weather.  All so warm and welcoming.” – Mr. and Mrs. Jones

“It has exceeded our expectations – the people have been so warm and welcoming!” – Mr. and Mrs. Kirkpatrick

“Fantastic! We have been exploring the downtown, Lake Chapala area, Mexican cuisine, markets and enjoying the Mexican hospitality.  Guadalajara is a very interesting and fine place.” – Mr. and Mrs. Haughn

“It has many old rich culture showcases.  We were fortunate to be here during the 200 year celebration as well and were able to see all the preparations, festivities, etc.”  – Mr. and Mrs. Francisco

“Great tournament.  We enjoyed spending time with other parents exploring Tonalo, Tlaquepaque, Mercado Libertad, and enjoying the Mexican hospitality!” – Mr. and Mrs. Johnston