Field Hockey Canada > Men step up defense, still unable to score

Men step up defense, still unable to score

August 8, 2011 | Field Hockey Canada |

Tough loss after a hard fought match against Belgium 

Team Canada Men unable to score in their second match against Team Belgium on August 6, 2011 in Brussels.  However, Canada stepped up defensively only allowing one goal through for Belgium.  The final score was Belgium 1 – Canada 0.   

"A much better performance than the previous game, but it is still a disappointment to lose," said Jessie Watson (Vancouver).  "Our objective for the last match against Belgium is clear: to win."  

For the Men’s National Team, the second match against Belgium started considerably better than the first.  Improved structure and increased determination generated early momentum.  Canada had a penalty corner by the 8th minute, but was blocked by Belgium defense.  One minute later, Canada had another corner; also blocked.  Momentum for the remainder of the half was back and forth, and neither team managed to score – leaving the score 0 – 0 at half time.
Canada came out strong in the second half, earning a penalty corner in the 38th minute.  Yet again, the Belgium goal keeper let nothing through.  5 minutes later Belgium earned their first penalty corner of the match, which was saved by Canadian keeper Dave Carter. 
For the next 20 minutes play went end to end, but neither team was able to penetrate effectively or generate penalty corners.  In the 50th minute, Canada earned its last short corner of the game. Belgium made a solid stick save leaving Canada with no conversions on any corner attempts.  
With time running out, tension rose as no one wanted to give up a goal. However, in the 65th minute Belgium was able to strike a hard ball across the circle, and with a Belgium player diving across the far post, deflected the cross into the Canadian net – putting Belgium up 1 – 0.
With 4 minutes to play, Canada pressed hard to equalize.  While defense held firm, they were unable to score.  And so Canada lost their second straight match to Belgium.  
Canada returns to play Belgium one last time on August 8.