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Men’s Commonwealth Blog: Day 2

October 1, 2010 | Field Hockey Canada |

Men’s Commonwealth Blog: Day 2

September 30, 2010

The team is now settling into the athlete’s village, and making good use of it’s facilities. For meals, the team will head down to the dining hall that has an assortment of delicious food, which will satisfy any hungry athlete. The food offered ranges from Asian, Western, Indian, African food, all the way to simple salads, pizza, and pasta. Once we have had our fill, we keep our selves busy with many other things. On Wednesday afternoon, most of the team engaged in an exciting and heart-pumping croquet match! The pairing of Philip Wright and Richard Hildreth set off on a daring pace and pulled away with the victory. Others fought hard battles, but in the end Antoni Kindler and Indy Shembi struggled with team chemistry and ended their day with the wooden spoon. Later we moved to board games; Scatagories was the crowd favourite. Thursday morning led to more riveting croquet battles and board game fun.

Our evening training session got cooler as the sun dipped behind the skyline, and the team’s energy grew with excitement, waiting to play the exhibition match with Malaysia Friday afternoon. After training and a hearty meal, the team tested their billiard skills in the neighboring residence centers.

By: Hudson Stewart (Men’s National Team)


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