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Men’s Commonwealth Blog: Day 4

October 4, 2010 | Field Hockey Canada |

Men’s Commonwealth Blog: Day 4

October 2, 2010 

Today we had one of the longest days we have had since we got here. We started off bright and early with an 8 am wake up call and then a nice breakfast followed by a trip to the field for our practice. Today we had a special treat; practice at the training venue (Yumana Sport Complex) instead of the competition venue. It was incredibly hot at the start of our 10:00am training session and there were only three umbrellas protecting us from the hot Delhi sun. Many of the guys were overheating quite quickly.

After practice we showed up at the field and headed back to the village where we had to change our bus and head straight to a BBQ at the Canadian High Commission. Every Canadian athlete and official that was present in Delhi at the time attended and we were introduced to the Minister of Sport for Canada. In the evening we were given free time to go and see friends and family that would not be allowed in the village. Everyone is getting a good night sleep and are really looking forward to the opening ceremonies tomorrow evening.

By: Keegan Pereira (Men’s National Team)