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Men’s Commonwealth Blog: Day 8

October 8, 2010 | Field Hockey Canada |

Men’s Commonwealth Blog: Day 8

October 6, 2010

After a disappointing loss vs. the South Africans, we had a bit of a sleep in before a 10 am breakfast. The mood is ok after the match, obviously some disappointment, but the guys recognize that we need to move forward and focus ourselves on the next task, taking on the English.

The boys took to the pool today for a chance to get the legs flushed out as well as have some fun. Pearson put together a make-shift cricket ground and took on the task of wicket keeper (he stood behind the garbage can), and boys were hitting for 4’s and 6’s, catching the attention of the Indian workers who were much more interested in our game than the task they were actually supposed to be attending to.

After a long meeting reviewing the areas that need improvement, we grabbed a quick lunch and headed out to the pitch to watch the match between England and T&T. England are a top side and are going to be a real solid test for our relatively inexperienced side.

After the match we came back and had some dinner before watching bit more hockey on the TV, reviewed some video in prep for England and generally just relaxing. Big Game tomorrow, will be fun.

By: Scott Tupper (Men’s National Team)


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