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Men’s Pan Am Youth Blog – Day 17

February 17, 2010 | Field Hockey Canada |

Men’s Pan Am Youth Blog – Day 17

February 14, 2010

Valentines in Hermosillo

Today began with our normal breakfast consisting of cereal, omelettes, pancakes and fruit. We had the option to eat whenever we pleased
before 9:30 at which time we were to assemble in the hotel lobby.

Our Mexican guides and manager had planned a tourist day in and around Hermosillo.

The day began at the Hermosillo zoo which featured a myriad of animals including giraffes, monkeys, bears, tigers, and lamas. There was one
exhibit in which resided monkeys and a climbing structure. The monkeys seemed quite playful as they traversed the structure with apparent ease. One monkey surmounted the structure and subsequently slid down a rope with its arms in such a position a firefighter would assume to descend a pole. It was quite funny.

We drove three hours to a destitute, isolated village in search of one of our tour guide’s, Alexandro, grandmother. He and his grandmother did not have a method by which to communicate, so we were hoping to be able to locate his grandmother by visiting her village. Unfortunately, she was not there, so there was little we could do in the village. A few of us went on a walk to an abandoned church and saw the ruins of the village. It was quite depressing seeing how some people live their lives. Alvin brought up a good point about how many such people are content with their lives until the Internet elucidates to them the luxuries of others. A few of us purchased some refreshments from the local store to help support the community.

We drove for another hour to, evidently, the greatest truck stop in Sonora. We had burritos, quesadillas, and what we called a corn thing. I
found the food excellent although a few of us, unfairly, complained about the flies and the amount of cheese on the quesadillas. As we were eating, we were entertained by a local who posed in positions for the camera. He most likely spends lots of time conducting such entertainment as he seemed friendly with every bus and truck that drove by. He is probably a well known symbol of the truck stop.

We returned to our hotel after hours of driving and rested for about an hour in our hotel.

At 6:30, we presented gifts to our manger, coaches, physiotherapist and videographers. The videographers each received a banner embroidered with U17 Pan Am Field Hockey, and the others received a beer mug engraved with their names.

We had arranged to go bowling with the Chilean team who was staying at a hotel close to ours. We picked them up and proceeded to a park where we ate dinner purchased from street venders. Our nutritionist, who doubles as our physiotherapist, allowed us to eat potentially dangerous food as the tournament had concluded, and she no longer cares if we get sick. Some of us did not enjoy the hot dogs, complaining that they were too greasy, although I liked them. It was interesting to talk to the Chileans. They, like us, paid a fortune to attend the tournament.

After dinner, we went to a bowling alley. Again, it was quite fun to continue to talk and to bowl with the Chileans. We were able to conclude
that Chileans are more proficient at bowling than Canadians, with many of them doubling our scores.

We wished the Chileans goodbye and returned to our hotel to pack for our flight tomorrow.

Overall, we are disappointed with our performance at the tournament. Naturally, we would have liked to have secured the gold medal and
progressed to the Junior Olympics this summer in Singapore. Unfortunately, not all goals can be achieved and we are perpetually thankful
to have represented Canada in international tournament.

The team would like to thank the coaches, Aaron Guest and Minder Gill, for their exemplary commitment and work rate. We thank our manager, Alvin Bissett, for the hundreds of hours he spent organizing every aspect of the team, from practice attendance to supplying Gatorade and water at matches. We would like to thank our physiotherapist, Steacy Alexander, for her invaluable advice and re-cooperation tactics. Another thanks goes out to our two videographers, Guillo Ferrini and Amanda Bush for their assistance during the tournament.

We will be returning home tomorrow, so this will be sign-off entry.

Thank you, to everyone who has been following our trip, and a special thank you to our sponsors, supporters, friends, parents and fans.


Alex Wharton #17 – Canadian National Men’s U-17 Field Hockey Team Member