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NCAA Camp – Vancouver June 1-5, 2011

March 14, 2011 | Field Hockey Canada |


Field Hockey Canada is pleased to announce an identification camp that will be held in Vancouver from June 1st to 5th. The primary focus of the camp will be to monitor, educate and the reintegrate Canadian non-domestic based athletes.

Athletes interested should register with Kelly Michael at the Field Hockey Canada Office by clicking the link below to fill out the form and send back via email ( no later than April 15th 4 pm EST.

Invitations will be sent to registered athletes based on:

•    Provincial bodies’ performance recommendations.

•    Performances at Regional and National Championships.

•    Independent assessments at national club, school and/or university games & competitions.

•    Performances at previous Senior and Junior International training and matches.

* Notwithstanding the above, Head Coach reserves the right to assess talent that has been identified by any other means.

Field Hockey Canada is committed to supporting the Women’s program to consistently qualify for major competitions such as the Olympic Games and the World Cup. To ensure that this goal is reached, a strategic priority has been placed on the monitoring, educating and the reintegration of Canadian non-domestic based athletes. This program will focus on the development of athletes capable of successfully meeting the demands of international level competition and program requirements.

Athletes must meet the following requirements and any other set out by the national coach, in order to further train with the national squad, while in the country.

•    Meet the minimum physical assessment requirements. Level 11 on the Beep Test (Canadian version)

•    Participate in the National Championships ( June 29th to July 3rd 2011)

•    Be a member of good standing with FHC and their respective provincial body

Training with the national squad is depended on Canada’s competition schedule.

Camp Details:

•    Approximately 20 athletes (18 field players + 2 Gk’s)

•    Invited athletes will be officially notified no later than April 29th 2011

•    Joint sessions with the existing squad

•    A schedule and levy amount will be sent out with the invitation

•    Approximately 4 coaches identified by the national program and/ or nominated by the Provinces

•    Accommodation, food and travel to and from the camp will be the responsibility of the individual athlete.

•    Athletic trainers/ therapists will be present for all practices and games


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