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P. Short retires from international hockey

January 21, 2010 | Field Hockey Canada |

Peter Short retires from International field hockey

January 21, 2010

Peter Short, one of the Men’s National Team’s most versatile players, has announced his retirement from international hockey.  Field Hockey Canada would like to thank Peter for the commitment, dedication and professionalism he has shown to the men’s national program. 

Peter joined the senior squad in 2001.  Since that time he has played in one Olympics (2008 in Beijing), two Pan American Games (2003 in Santo Domingo and 2007 in Rio de Janeiro), two Pan American Cups (2004 in London, ON and 2009 in Chile) and one Commonwealth Games (2006 in Melbourne).   Peter has also made his mark on the international club system, playing for several years in the Dutch league with HGC, Rotterdam, and the Laren Hockey Club as well as in the UK for Surbiton Hockey Club.

Peter’s strong tactical knowledge of the game combined with his skill and versatility as a utility player, has been a tremendous asset to the team.  He has been a leader and role model to the squad’s young developing players, demonstrating the importance of a strong work ethic and accountability.  He will be sincerely missed, on and off the field.

Congratulations on a great international career Peter!