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Play It Forward

February 6, 2012 | Field Hockey Canada |

Field Hockey Canada is excited to announce a pilot fundraising program called Play It Forward. It’s a whole new way for field hockey teams across Canada to raise money.

The Play It Forward program is essentially this: When teams raise money for charity, their clubs get money for their expenses in return. 

Teams start by setting up an online Giving Group at Money raised and then given to charity through this group is then matched by a corporate sponsor for the team to use as needed. “Playing it forward” means that teams both give – and get –something back. 

Why Corporate Sponsors Participate
Corporate sponsors are often involved with both sport and charity in their communities, but they are separate initiatives. With Play It Forward, they are able to support both efforts together. Helping others be charitable as well is a bonus for them.

Why Teams Should Participate
By participating, a team can:
– Help get club expenses covered
– Support their sport, community and any charities they choose to
– Have fun being charitable, even when they’re on the field

Who Can Participate
We’re looking for 30 teams, to join us in this pilot program. It’s open to every field hockey team in Canada. That’s:
• Any club
• Any level
• Any age
• Any community

If you would like to participate, or learn more about this unique opportunity, please contact us right away. Spaces are limited for this pilot program.

FHC Contact
Steven Davis, Marketing Director
Tel: 604.783.8165

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