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SR Nationals: Day One

June 30, 2011 | Field Hockey Canada |

Senior National Championships (Day One) 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


The first day of the Senior National Championships is over
and all the women’s teams and two of the men’s teams have gotten game one off
their backs. The Pool A women started out the day with the early games. The BC
Blue women, comprised majorly of Senior national team members and coached by
Kimo Linders, earned a 16-0 win over Ontario White, coached by Jeff Pacheco.
Kate Thompson, of BC, and goal keeper Shannon Clancy, of Ontario, were named
the players of the game. Pool A matches continued with BC White taking a 5-0
win from PEI. BC’s Jackie Trautmann and PEI’s Sarah Macaulay were named Players
of the game.


The day continued with Women Pool B matches following the
morning. The sun started to come out as the Ontario red, coached by Nick Govia,
earned their first 3 points with a 3-1 win over the BC U18 White team, coached
by Andrea Rushton. Soon after, the Junior National team women dominated a 9-0
win over Alberta.


The first men’s match took place in the middle of the day
with the Ontario team sealing a 4-0 win over BC White men. The wind and clouds
started to settle in for the final two matches of the day with game #2 for
those in Pool A. The Ontario white team clung 0-0 to BC U18 white until late in
the second half when a go-ahead goal put BC U18 White up 1-0 for the final
score. The last game of the day was between BC Blue women and PEI with BC
taking a 5-0 win.


The day ends with points totaled:


Pool A:

BC Blue (6 pts)

BC U18 White (3 pts)

BC White (3 pts)

Ontario White (0 pts) 

PEI (0 pts)


Pool B:

Canada Juniors (3 pts)

Ontario Red (3 pts)

Alberta (0 pts)

BC U18 Blue (0 pts)



Ontario (3pts)

BC White (0 pts)

BC Blue



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