Field Hockey Canada > Santiago (men): Canada vs Argentina: 1-5

Santiago (men): Canada vs Argentina: 1-5

January 31, 2014 | Field Hockey Canada |

A 5pm game time for Canada’s pool game against Argentina meant that the temperature was cooling but still registering 32 degrees at the start. Canada started with confidence, structure and poise. For the first 5 minutes Canada was able to keep the ball in the Argentinian end of the field. Dave Carter in net stopped a point blank shot off the end of his outreached stick on an aggressive Argentinian offensive shift at the 6 minute mark.

Canada was under pressure with the Argentinians taking their free hits very quickly, catching the Canadian defence off guard. The Argentinians were able to score two field goals in the 9th and 10th minute and a penalty corner goal in the 19th minute. 3-0 for Argentina.

Canada regained their composure and their patience paid off with a penalty corner in the 26th minute. Gordie Johnston scored his first international goal on a well-executed drag flick on the day before his 21st birthday. 3-1 for Argentina after the first half.

The second half started with end to end action with circle penetrations by both teams, with no team in full control. Due to the heat, the teams are allowed a 1 minute water break at the 17 minute mark of each half. After the water break in the second half, Canada was under pressure right from the horn. Canada was able to defend 2 penalty corners in the 50th minute but a 3rd penalty corner went in. Argentina scored another penalty corner at the 55 minute mark.

The game ended 5-1 for Argentina.

“As we discuss after each game, the improvements are evident,” said Coach Anthony Farry. “The game sense is developing and we are on the right track, this was another opportunity for our inexperienced group to play some top level hockey against a quality nation like Argentina. Their ability to execute set plays and hold possession for long periods eventually wore us down but to our credit we kept fighting. We are looking forward to our next game against Chile, with the winner playing in the final against Argentina on Saturday.”