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Second Match Against England Ends in Tie

April 18, 2011 | Field Hockey Canada |

Second Match Against England Ends in Tie Game


England 0 – 0 Canada

The game opened just like the first match with both teams trying to find ways to control the midfield. By the 8th Minute Great Britain was able to gain the Canadian circle and generate it’s first of four corners throughout the match.

Great Britain’s first corner was a hit straight on goal resulting in a comfortable save by Dave Carter.

At the 10 minute mark Great Britain earned its second corner. During the first attempt Dave Carter made and excellent leg save and propelled the ball into the air straight back up the field. This resulted in a new corner being attempted.  Just prior to the next pullout, Dave Jameson jumped off the line and was subsequently sent to the centre of the field leaving only 3 Canadian Field Players left to defend. The additional attempt was excellently defended ending with a brilliant save on the line by improvised postman Rob Short.

The rest of the half went by with both teams working hard in defense.  England had more of the possession but was unable to penetrate the Canadian half-court defense.  Neither team was able to generate any significant scoring opportunities.

The first half finished with the score at 0 – 0.

The second half began and ended with Canada taking a stronger role in influencing how the game was to be played. As the half progressed the forwards started to exert their presence and create a number of turnovers.

It took until the 47th minute of the game for Great Britain to earn its next short corner. The pull out was on the mark, but Dave Jameson came out with good speed and was able to directly deflect the Great Britain drag flick straight back up the field to generate an excellent counter attack. Unfortunately, the attack did not generate a goal.

Five minutes later, Matt Guest did well to hit the foot of a Great Britain Defender generating our only short corner of the match. Scott Tupper sent a superb drag flick to the goalie’s high stick side corner, but the Great Britain goalie made a diving game saving stop off the toe of his stick.

In the 58th minute, Mark Person made an excellent half field run with the ball and was able to unleash a strong reverse stick shot that again was saved by the Great Britain goalie.

In the 60th minute, Canada made another attack into the British “D” and this time as well his cross was deflected towards the far corner of the goal and again the British goalie rose to the task and made another excellent stick save.

A few minutes later a counter attack led to Rob Short hitting a hard ball into the “D” with Keegan Pereira receiving and making an excellent move to pass the ball on to Dave Jameson. Jameson made a good deflection with the goalie yet again making another good save.

In the 64th minute, Great Britain was able to counter and hit an excellent cross into the Canadian “D”. The trailing British forward, on the far side of the circle, slid into what seemed to be a sure deflection goal, but luckily for Canada the ball struck the near post.

In the 67th minute, a GB penalty corner was mishandled by the stick stopper and an excellent counter attack by the Canadians led to a three on one attack into the British “D”. The initial pass to Gubbar Singh was unfortunately mishandled resulting in the ball going of the end of the pitch.

With Britain clearly back on its heels, Canada was unable to close out the match with a victory.  The game ended with scoreless tie.

Congratulations to Gabbar Singh for reaching his 100th Cap during this match. Veterans Rob Short and Ken Pereira stand on the brink of making Canadian hockey history.  They have tied the all-time record for caps set by legend Bubli Chohan.  Both are set to break the record on April 19th vs. Ireland in Belfast.

  Matthew Guest
  Philip Wright
  Dave Carter
  Adam Froese
  Keegan Pereira
  Mark Pearson
  Rob Short
  Dave Jameson
  Gordon Johnson
  Ken Pereira
  Jesse Watson
  Devohn Texeira
  Gubbar Singh
  Hudson Stewart
  Kevin Laidman
  Scott Tupper

DNP: Antoni Kindler, Ian Symthe, Elliot Marsh