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Thank you to India/USA Organizers

November 3, 2009 | Field Hockey Canada |

Thank you to the Organizers of the India and USA Series

November 3, 2009

To the organizers of the 7 Test Super Series and USA Test Series, thank you.  You worked hard to transform the facilities of Victoria, Surrey, and Vancouver into an international sport experience worthy of Canadian field hockey, and in the end you left us all with a respect for your dedicative, philanthropist, and hospitable spirit.

For twenty-four days, volunteers, staff, coaches, officials, and corporate sponsors worked together on the details, and let the spirit and passion of field hockey show through every play and outcome.  You should all be very proud.

The Indian, American, and most particularly, Canadian athletes and fans will take the memories and the friendships made in British Columbia with them as they move forward.  As these athletes continue their careers they will use what they’ve learned here as tools to get to the next level.  Great things are expected for Canadian hockey players!

 As the President of Field Hockey Canada, I was thrilled with what these two events meant for ongoing promotion and development of our sport in the region.  I am more than confident the cities of Victoria, Surrey, and Vancouver will continue to host local, national, and international field hockey competitions in the near future with the same passion you all showed throughout the month of October.

Congratulations to Team Canada and the event organizers on a job well done.


Kindest regards,

Mary Cicinelli


All Photos: FHC / Neil Hodge