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WNT Chile Tour : Day 4 Update

April 2, 2011 | Field Hockey Canada |

Day 4 : Chile Tour

The women’s national team has been down in Santiago for just over 3 days now and what may seem like almost 2 weeks. The team has been busy putting in double-duty on the pitch or at least a work out and practice each day. With lots on the line leading up the Champions Challenge II (May 2011, Austria) and Pan American Games (October 2012, Mexico), the team is looking for a great result in this series and a chance to build on and implement of some new strategies and tactics. Coaches, Louis Mendonca and Paul Bundy, have been working around the clock to help prepare the girls and Dr. Sean Richardson and Noreen Ortilla have been keeping their mental and physical states healthy. 

With the first three days of training under their belts, the team looks forward to tonight’s first match against Chile at the Prince of Wales Country Club. A nice run and stretch this morning followed by a hearty breakfast and a few meetings and the team will be ready to go for Game 1!

Stay tuned for updates post-game.