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Water-based turf for Brampton!

October 12, 2012 | Field Hockey Canada |

It is a big year for the field hockey community in Brampton, Ontario.  The much anticipated water-based field hockey turf at the Cassie Campbell Community Centre will officially open in spring 2013.  After years of planning, it is very exciting to see the completion of the turf installation.

The Brampton turf will make its international debut in August as host of the 2013 Men’s Pan American Cup.  The pitch will also be home to club leagues for youth, men and women; club, provincial and national practices; the 2013 Under 16 Field Hockey Canada National Championships; various invitational tournaments and potential international competitions. 

The Cassie Campbell Community Centre is a thriving facility for many other sports as well, including swimming, ice skating, ice hockey, indoor sports, tennis and soccer.  The installation of the field hockey turf has already sparked increased interest within the community.  In addition to the Community Centre adding field hockey to their 2012 summer camp program, several local high schools are interested in starting a boy’s league – part of longer term field hockey development plans.  Beyond the local impact, the new pitch is expected to attract international attention.  Only fifteen minutes from the Toronto Pearson International Airport, the venue will no doubt play host to many visiting nations in the years to come.

In the initial stages of the project in the summer of 2010, the plan was to convert a soccer field into a grass field hockey pitch with the intention of upgrading to turf in 2011.  However, many members of the field hockey community understood the benefits of an international grade water-based turf, including hosting opportunities like the 2013 Pan American Cup.  The advocates garnered the support of local clubs and presented their case to the City of Brampton. Audrey Noronha-Teixeira was one of the influential advocates of a water-based turf throughout the process.

“This new turf will definitely open up field hockey growth in Ontario,” says Noronha-Teixeira.  “Our field hockey community can’t wait for the opening of the new field!  It is great to see Kuldip Gollee’s vision of a turf in Brampton become a reality.  We hope the central location of the venue within Canada will also give eastern field hockey communities more opportunities to continue growing and promoting our sport.”

The turf installation has been completed, and it will be officially available for use once the contractor and city give their final seal of approval.  Depending on the weather, several exhibition matches may take place on the pitch before its official opening in the spring to “break-in” the new surface.  Cassie Campbell Community Centre’s venue will boast the only international water-based turf in Ontario.