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What’s next for field hockey in Alberta?

March 28, 2012 | Field Hockey Canada |

Field Hockey Canada continues to support the long term hockey development approach in Alberta, spearheaded by Field Hockey Alberta (FHA).  Over the past few months FHA’s new Executive Director, Burgundy Biletski, has been focused on reviewing field hockey’s current status in Alberta and planning for future development.  The FHA Board of Directors has also brought in a new High Performance Coach, who will start mid April.  With a strong team in place, FHA will be focused on targeted development plans with resource support in Edmonton and Calgary.  These actions are all part of FHA’s long-term interest to build a plan for 2016 and beyond. Development is a key priority for Alberta, and it remains the hope of the field hockey community that the University of Alberta continues to play a key partnership role in this next stage.