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Women’s National Team Carding Camp Report

November 22, 2010 | Field Hockey Canada |

2010 Women’s National Team Carding Camp Report

November 22, 2010

This Year’s Women’s National Carding Camp was held from November 9th-14th in Vancouver and consisted of players from across Canada.  These different players comprised of two teams: Black and Red. The teams were to train separately and then compete against each other in a series of 6 matches throughout the week.

The Red Team, which was led by Krista Thompson and Nick Sandhu, led the series with 3 wins 2 ties and 1 loss. Red put in a great effort and capitalized on any chances they received. Despite being behind in the series, the Black team, which was led by Paul Bundy and Jeff Pacecho, was not an easy opponent, it was apparent that Red’s chances were not handed to them but rather earned.  Both these teams displayed excellent effort and skill as well as applying National Team tactics in game situations that were given to them throughout the week.

Senior player, Stephanie Jameson expressed her feelings on the camp by saying “"I think the standard of play at this camp was higher than at the last couple of National Squad camps, especially in terms of the structure both teams displayed during the intrasquad games.  Despite the fact it was a grinding 6 games in 5 days, I enjoyed the competitive atmosphere and I’m encouraged by the progress our team has made both tactically and technically in the last year.  There are some very talented players knocking on the door of our squad right now, so I think the future is looking up for Canadian hockey." “The players in this year’s camp showed great improvement of knowledge and understanding of Canada’s tactics which was a positive step in the right direction for our Women’s program. 

Our Women’s program is now training for their trip to San Diego, California when the meet US in a test series.