From grass roots to high performance, Field Hockey Canada is working to develop and strengthen field hockey across the country, and to position our National Teams for consistent podium contention.

Approximately 18,000 field hockey players across the country – 9,000 of which are a part of high school field hockey programs – dedicate themselves to the sport at all levels from community hockey to high performance. Their dedication and pursuit of excellence, along with the tireless work from coaches, officials, and all volunteers, makes for a Canadian field hockey community as strong as it has ever been.


One of the oldest games on earth, modern field hockey has its roots in the hard-scrabbling villages and hamlets of 18th century Britain. Not for the faint of heart, this gritty, physically-challenging game tested each player’s endurance and courage to persevere in the quest for victory and bragging rights. The camaraderie closely bonded each village creating proud, passionate communities.

While the game has evolved over time, its gutsy spirit and sense of community pride has endured. Traveling throughout the Commonwealth with the British Army provided the game a unique blend of global culture, arriving in Canada in the late 19th century. Here, unique men’s and women’s programs were pioneered by a group of dedicated athletes, coaches and supporters. Their commitment and tenacity placed Canada on the international stage of what is now one of the world’s largest team competitions.

The Association

In 1991, the Canadian men’s and women’s programs united under the national umbrella of Field Hockey Canada to share funding and infrastructure, and to unite leadership – ultimately transitioning two programs, which had worked hard independently to succeed, into one national entity.

Today, Field Hockey Canada is the governing body of the sport in Canada, from Junior to Masters level athletes, competing recreationally and competitively.