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Alexis DeArmond

Position Midfield
Program Women’s National Team
Home Town Victoria, BC
Caps 41

Alexis, or Lexi as her teammates call her comes from a field hockey family. At a young age she remembers watching her Dad coach her two older sisters while sitting on the sideline with a stick and ball because she was too young to join the league. As soon as she was old enough she joined the Victoria spring league and hasn’t looked back since.

Growing up being surrounded by sport she has always had a desire to represent her country at the Olympics and after having competed above her age group in field hockey at the provincial level for years she took another step towards that goal after being selected into the Junior National Program in 2014.

She quickly became a prominent figure within the Junior program and was named to the Senior Development squad in 2016.  Shortly after she made her Senior international debut in February 2016 in a test series against the USA in Chula Vista, California.

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