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Canadian over-50 men and women to compete in Masters World Cup next week

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March 23, 2016 | Shaheed Devji |

After the launch of Canadian Masters Hockey last year, Field Hockey Canada’s over-50 men and women are set to compete in the 2016 Masters World Cup in Canberra, Australia from March 29-April 6.

A total of thirty Masters athletes, seventeen men and thirteen women, will represent Canada at the Games, which will be played at Canberra’s National Hockey Centre, in the Australian capital city.

Field Hockey Canada launched its Masters Hockey initiative in May 2015, with the strategic intent of developing and strengthening field hockey across the country and fostering a robust Canadian hockey family.

Engaging Master level athletes, the Canada Masters Hockey program provides field hockey players of all ages the opportunity to continue participation in the sport at an international level.

Canada’s teams headed to the Masters World Cup comprise of athletes of all skills levels and walks of life, including those who wore the red and white for Canada’s senior National Teams, athletes who have played recreationally for their entire lives, and those who took up the sport as adults.

The event is organized by the International Masters Hockey Association (IMHA), and is aimed at promoting field hockey for 35 to 60-year-old men and women at an international level.

The Canadian women will open the tournament on March 29th against Ireland, while the men will begin play on March 30th against Australia.

Click here for the full Canadian schedule.

For more information about the 2016 Masters World Cup, visit the official tournament website.


Canadian Over-50 Men’s Masters Team


Al McBeth* (Vancouver, BC)

Balgit Singh Grewal (Kelowna, BC)

Daryl Homeniuk (Japan)

Davis Vaitkunas (Vancouver, BC)

Guy Manwaring (Delta, BC)

Ishrat Khan (Ottawa ON)

Jagdir Dhanawa (Victoria, BC)

Jaimud Dean (Richmond, BC)

Jim Jenkins (Alberta)

K.D. Singh (Victoria, BC)

Ken Beckett (Vancouver, BC)

Malcolm Fernandes (Vancouver, BC)

Markus Krueger (Seattle, USA)

Sandeep Chopra (Ottawa, ON)

Shad Stephens** (Vancouver, BC)

Thomas Augustine (Victoria, BC)

Wayne Marshall (Kelowna, BC)




Canadian Over-50 Women’s Masters Team


Alison McGillivray* (Vancouver, BC)

Anne Webster (British Columbia)

Beverley Rankin (New Hampshire, USA)

Denise Fuchko (Vancouver, BC)

Diane Russell** (Vancouver, BC)

Eliner Maxwell-Smith (Vancouver, BC)

Fran Sloan Sainas (North Vancouver, BC)

Heather Banham* (Kelowna, BC)

Heather Barnett (Vancouver, BC)

Jo-Ann Smith (North Vancouver, BC)

Julie Neville (Kelowna, BC)

Linda Atkinson (Ontario)

Paula Pappajohn (North Vancouver, BC)