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Coaches, staff and volunteers working with Canadian Field Hockey athletes are required to complete the following minimum prerequisite SafeSport trainings prior to working with athletes.

  1. Making Ethical Decisions; This facilitated MS modules can be taken through your provincial coaching representative. More information can be found here
  2. Making Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation: The evaluation is available for free upon completion of the MED module, and is accessed through your coaching Locker Account
  3. Making Headway: This is a self-paced eLearning module available for free through your coaching Locker Account.
  4. Criminal Record Check: Each coach must have a current criminal record check on file with their organization.

Any Coaches, staff members or volunteers working with Competition Development level athletes or above and/or will be attending a Nationally Sanctioned Event at any level (ie FHC National Championships U16/U18/U21) will also be required to complete the CAC SafeSport eLearning Module.  More information found here:

NOTE: CAC SafeSport Module is ONLY required at the Competition Development Level, at Community and Comp Intro it is **recommended** but not required.

For more information, please reach out to True Sport Manager, Jenn Beagan:

In order to support the growth and development of field hockey across the country, Field Hockey Canada with the guidance of the Coach Education Committee and qualified CAC Master Coach Developers, have outlined recommended minimum standards for field hockey coaches in all contexts which will bring the education standards into alignment with best practices of sport organizations in Canada, and global leaders in field hockey.

The coach education committee will review and revise the recommended standards every two years and compare against data collected by the CAC with regard to education completed. Please note that recommended standards for club and development programs will become mandatory at the end of the 5 year cycle (2025) and pending review and confirmation by the coach education committee.

Download the FHC Minimum Coaching Standards Document


Description: A club program is hosted by a local organization that is a member of the PSO. Club programs are targeted at growing the sport within a specific community or local region. These teams may participate in leagues, tournaments or traveling opportunities.
Recreational programs: Introduction to the sport at any age group, open to all athletes, there is no standard of skill or execution in order to participate.
Competitive programs: These programs may have athletes that have previous field hockey experience and are above the introductory level. Coaches at this level may consider having a further level to support the development of their athletes.
**Please Note: NCCP Level 4/5 and ACD Graduates exceed minimum standards in this contexts.



Description: These are tryout-based programs in which an athlete must be evaluated and selected in order to participate.
1. Programs operating within private (either non-profit OR for profit) academy organizations that may be training for competition outside the country, travel tournaments or other competitive skills training environments.
2. PSO organized developmental training environments outside club or provincial teams i.e. Regional camps or other regular training opportunities.
**Please Note: NCCP Level 4/5 and ACD Graduates exceed minimum standards in this context.


Description: PSO organized developmental training environments are for targeted and selected athletes.
Provincial High-Performance Programs train teams for competition at the FHC National Championships.
The following are the annual minimum standards that will be enforced for all Provincial Teams and FHC National Events.
**Please Note: NCCP Level 4/5 and ACD Graduates exceed minimum standards in this context, however, we recommend these coaches update their professional development by attending 2021 updated Competition Development Field Hockey Modules.



Description: It is the recommendation of Field Hockey Canada that University Varsity Teams competing within either Usport or competitive club university structures support the development, excellence and growth of field hockey coaching in Canada through the following recommended coaching standards.
**Please Note: NCCP Level 4/5 and ACD Graduates exceed minimum standards in this context.