Field Hockey Canada > 2015 Under-16 Boy’s and Girl’s National Championships

2015 Under-16 Boy’s and Girl’s National Championships

Match Result Date Time
Boys: ON-GTA vs QUE4-0July 28, 20159:45am
Boys: Bc-B vs ON-E5-1July 28, 201511:30am
Girls: BC-B vs AB3-1July 28, 20151:15pm
Girls: ON-R vs BC-W6-0July 28, 20153:00pm
Boys: QUE vs BC-W2-2July 28, 20154:45pm
Boys: ON-GTA vs AB1-0July 28, 20156:30pm
Girls: BC-W vs ON-W1-2July 28, 20158:00am
Girls: ON-W vs AB0-0July 29, 20158:00am
Girls: BC-W vs BC-B0-3July 29, 20159:40am
Boys: BC-W vs BC-B1-6July 29, 201511:20am
Boys: AB vs QUE2-1July 29, 20151:00pm
Girls: ON-R vs AB5-0July 29, 20152:40pm
Girls: BC-B vs ON-W2-0July 29, 20154:20pm
Boys: ON-GTA vs ON-E4-2July 29, 20156:00pm
Boys: BC-B vs AB3-1July 29, 20157:40pm
Girls: ON-R vs BC-B3-1July 30, 20158:00am
Girls: AB vs BC-W1-2July 30, 20159:40am
Boys: BC-W vs AB0-3July 30, 201511:20am
Boys: BC-B vs ON-GTA2-1July 30, 20151:00pmRecap
Girls: ON-W vs ON-R0-4July 30, 20152:20pm
Boys: ON-E vs QUE1-3July 30, 20154:20pm
Boys: BC-W vs ON-GTA0-1July 31, 20158:00amRecap
Boys: AB vs ON-E4-2July 31, 20159:45amRecap
Girls: BC-W vs AB0-0 (4-3 SO)July 31, 201511:30amRecap
Girls: BC-B vs ON-W1-0July 31, 20151:15pmRecap
Boys: QUE vs BC-B0-4July 31, 20153:00pmRecap
Boys: ON-E vs BC-W1-1July 31, 20154:45pmRecap
Girls: ON-R vs BC-W7-1July 31, 20156:30pmRecap
Boys: BC-W vs ON-E0-3August 1, 20158:00amRecap
Boys: AB vs QUE2-2 (2-1 SO)August 1, 20159:45amRecap
Girls: ON-W vs BC-W1-1 (1-2 SO)August 1, 201511:30amRecap
Girls: BC-B vs ON-R1-3August 1, 20151:15pmRecap
Boys: BC-B vs ON-GTA2-2 (2-3 SO)August 1, 20153:00pmRecap