Field Hockey Canada > 2016 Under-16 Boys' and Girls' National Championships

2016 Under-16 Boys’ and Girls’ National Championships

Pool A (Girls)Pool B (Girls)Boys
BC White
BC Yellow
Ontario Red
BC Blue
Ontario White
Ontario Red
Ontario White
Match Result Date Time
Boys: Alberta vs Ontario White4-5 July 20, 20168:30amRecap
Boys: Ontario Red vs Quebec0-1July 20, 201610:05amRecap
Girls: BC Blue vs Alberta2-0 July 20, 201611:40amRecap
Girls: Ontario Red vs BC Yellow5-0 July 20, 20161:15pmRecap
Girls: BC White vs Quebec1-0July 20, 20162:50pmRecap
Boys: BC vs Ontario White2-0 July 20, 20164:25pmRecap
Girls: Alberta vs Ontario White0-2July 20, 20166:00pmRecap
Girls: Quebec vs BC Yellow0-1July 20, 20167:35pmRecap
Boys: BC vs Quebec3-2July 21, 20168:30amRecap
Girls: BC White vs Ontario Red0-3July 21, 201610:05amRecap
Girls: Ontario White vs BC Blue1-1July 21, 201611:40amRecap
Boys: Alberta vs Ontario Red3-2July 21, 20161:15pmRecap
Boys: Quebec vs Ontario White0-2July 21, 20162:50pmRecap
Girls: BC Yellow vs BC White2-1July 21, 20164:25pmRecap
Girls: Ontario Red vs Quebec7-0July 21, 20166:00pmRecap
Boys: Alberta vs BC2-2July 21, 20167:35pmRecap
Boys: Ontario Red vs Ontario White1-3July 22, 20168:30am
Girls: QF1-BC Blue vs Quebec8-0July 22, 201610:05am
Girls: QF2 – BC Yellow vs Alberta1-2July 22, 201611:50am
Girls: QF3- Ontario White vs BC White1-2July 22, 20161:35pm
Boys: Quebec vs Alberta0-1July 22, 20163:20pm
Boys: Ontario Red vs BC1-3July 22, 20164:45pm
Girls: Quebec vs BC Yellow0-2July 22, 20166:20pm
Boys: SF1 – Quebec vs Ontario Red2-1July 23, 20168:30am
Boys: SF2 – Ontario White vs Alberta3-7 July 23, 201610:15am
Girls: Cons – BC White vs Quebec0-0July 23, 201612:00pm
Girls: SF1 – Ontario White vs Ontario White4-0July 23, 20161:45pm
Girls: SF2 – BC Blue vs Alberta3-0July 23, 20163:30pm
Girls: Cons – BC White vs BC Blue1-1July 24, 20168:30am
Boys: Bronze – Quebec vs Ontario White3-3 (1-2 SO)July 24, 201610:15am
Girls: Bronze – Ontario White vs Alberta1-1 (1-2 SO)July 24, 201612:00pm
Girls: Gold – Ontario Red vs BC Blue1-0July 24, 20161:45pm
Boys: Gold – BC vs Alberta2-1July 24, 20163:30pm